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Architectural Review

The City has a robust Architectural Review program to ensure that development in commercial and multi-family residential areas of the city contribute to the beauty of the city and its neighborhoods.

When is Architectural Review Required?

Architectural review is required when a building, structure, sign, fence, wall, or landscape is constructed or changed in any zone other than single-family zones of the City.  Note that architectural review is applicable to any portion of a building or property that is visible from a public right-of-way (e.g., a street or an alley). To verify the zoning of a property, please consult the City GIS.

Architectural review may be completed at the staff- or Commission-level depending on the proposed scope of work. Generally, small business identification signs, window replacements, façade painting, and minor additions may be reviewed at the staff level.  Larger projects, such as new buildings, major façade remodels, and large additions will require review by the Architectural Commission. Certain signage configurations that require a Sign Accommodation, such as multiple signs, projecting signs, and some awning signs, also require review by the Architectural Commission.  More information about the Architectural Commission can be found here.


A large portion of the architectural review completed by the City relates to business signage in commercial areas.  Sign regulations are contained in the Beverly Hills Zoning Code.   Please consult the code if you would like to install or change a sign on any property in the City.  Signs cannot be installed without receiving permits from the City.

To Learn More

To determine if your project requires Administrative Review or Architectural Commission Review, please refer to these Sign Guidelines. For more information, please call 310-285-1141 and ask to speak to the architectural review team.

Projects can receive a preliminary review at the public counter. However, any project requiring Architectural Commission review will be referred to the Architectural Review staff. Walk-in hours are between 8-10 AM, Monday to Thursday, or call 310-285-1141 to make an appointment.

ArchitecturAL Review Application

Please click here to access the application for Architectural Review.

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