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Change of Occupancy

New Tenancies

Landlords must register a new tenancy with the City within 30 days of occupancy.

Landlords must provide written notice to the prospective tenant advising of certain rights of the tenant and landlord at least 24 hours prior to the execution of a lease or rental agreement. 

Once written notice is given, the tenant must acknowledge receipt of this information in writing, and the landlord must retain this acknowledgement through the duration of the tenancy. An administrative penalty in the amount of $500 per unit may be imposed to the landlord for failing to present to the city a signed copy when requested.

More information on policies related to new occupancies can be found in the Landlord Tenant Handbook.

Rent Levels for New Tenancies

Tenancies following a voluntary vacancy are subject to whatever rent is agreed to by the incoming tenant and landlord (market rent). Landlords may also charge market rent if the previous tenant was evicted for just cause, except for Distruptive Tenant.

Tenant Vacancies

When a rental unit is re-rented following a vacancy, the landlord shall re-register the unit with the City within 30 days after the re-rental of the unit. The allowable rent level after a vacancy depends on the reason for the vacancy.

Access the Online Rental Unit Registration System

Staff is available to assist apartment rental property owners with registering units. This requires scheduling a private appointment with City staff.  All appointments will be held at City Hall located at 455 N. Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Please call (310) 285-1031 or email

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