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Commercial and Business Regulations

To learn more about the types of businesses that can be established in the city and the regulations that may apply to a business, the first step is to understand the zoning of the property. Zoning information can be found through the City’s GIS.

Commercial properties are zoned either C-3 or C-5. The C-3 zoning is located within the Business Triangle and along major boulevards. The C-5 zoning is located in the former industrial area generally located east of City Hall and south of Santa Monica Boulevard. Allowable and conditionally permitted uses are listed in Article 16 (C-3 zone) and Article 20 (C-5 zone) of the Beverly Hills Zoning Code.

Business regulations

The City has special regulations pertaining to the following types of businesses:

  • Open Air Dining. The City has a process to establish open air dining associated with restaurants and cafes. An Open Air Dining Permit is required for open air dining located on the City’s public right-of-way as well as on private property. More information about this program can be found in the Open Air Dining Permit application
  • Marijuana sales. The sale of marijuana is not allowed in the city. More information can be found on the City’s Marijuana Regulation Page
  • Medical Offices and other Medical Uses. The City has a medical use ordinance that caps the amount of medical office space and other medical uses in the city. More information can be found here.
  • Cosmetic Spas. Cosmetic spas (generally a business that provides elective, outpatient cosmetic services such as injectables, laser treatments, micro-needling, oxygen treatments, make-up application, and similar services) require a conditional use permit. To learn more about what is considered a cosmetic spa, and information about cosmetic spa regulations please consult the zoning code.
  • Automobile Uses. Most automobile uses require a conditional use permit. Information about automobile uses and the process to obtain a conditional use permit can be found in the zoning code.
  • Residential-Commercial Transition Area. Most commercial properties located along major boulevards within the city are adjacent to residential uses. The City has additional operational and development standards that apply to these properties, such as additional setbacks and limits on the hours of operation. To learn more about the specific standards that may apply to your property, please refer to Article 19.5 of the zoning code

Signage and Façade Remodels

If you are interested in installing business signage or changing the façade of a commercial building, please refer to the webpage about Architectural Review.

Commercial Development Standards

For general regulations about building in a commercial zone, please refer to Article 27 of the Zoning Code. Here you will find information on:

  • floor area maximums
  • height limits
  • parking/loading requirements
  • setbacks

Depending on your property and/or the scope of work, there may be specific regulations that apply to your project in addition to those outlined in Article 27. Please refer to the list below for the types of properties and/or projects that have specific regulations:

  • Hotels
  • Olympic Boulevard: Commercial-Transition Zones
  • Commercial-Residential Transition Areas

To learn more about business and commercial regulations, or if you have questions about what you see on this page, please call 310-285-1141 and ask to speak with a planner or to make an appointment at the public counter.

Business license and business tax

The City of Beverly Hills requires all businesses operating in the City to obtain a business tax certificate. This can be completed online, in person at City Hall, or by calling 310-285-2424.

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