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Film & Photography

Welcome to the City of Beverly Hills Filming and Still Photography page. Explore our website for permit information, resources, and guidelines. 

Popular film & photography locations
  • Beverly Canon Gardens
  • Beverly Gardens Park
  • City Hall
  • Library
  • Rodeo Drive
  • Studio 331
  • Will Rogers Park

NOTIFICATION of proposed filming must be provided to affected residents and businesses in the surrounding area at the discretion and approval of the Department of Community Development  Letter of notification to residents may be left at the front door of the property, but not in mailbox of residence. Letter of notification to business/merchant must be hand delivered directly to store owner/manager/employee. Letter may not be posted on door or window of business or store.

APPROVAL must be obtained from affected residents when requesting to extend residential and City park film hours beyond 8am-9pm from Monday-Saturday or 9am-8pm on Sunday.

APPROVAL must be obtained from affected residents/merchants when requesting to park production vehicles in front of a residence/business or to film in front of a business.

Filming hours in parks and residential locations of the City can be extended with signatures of approval within a 250-300 ft. radius of the film site as follows: 

            51% signatures to extend by 1 hour
            90% signatures to extend to 6am and/or 12 midnight
            100%  signatures to extend before 6am or after midnight

Filming hours in commercial locations of the City are unrestricted provided businesses are not negatively impacted.

Number of film days allowed per residential site is 5 consecutive days per property, with a maximum of 10 days per property within a calendar year.

Number of film days at a residential site may be extended and the limit on filming on consecutive days may be waived with signatures of approval from residents within a 250-300 foot radius of the film site, with the specific addresses to be provided by staff based on proximity to the film site, provided the filming satisfies the following criteria:

  1. The number of film days at the site does not exceed an aggregate maximum of 20 days per property within a given calendar year; and
  2. No production, cast or crew vehicles are permitted to park on adjacent streets at any time; and
  3. All production vehicles must be fully contained within the film site at all times; and
  4. No amplified sound shall be permitted in connection with the filming at any time; and
  5. All filming shall conform to the hours set forth in these Guidelines unless written authorization to extend the filming hours is obtained from affected residents in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Guidelines; and
  6. All production activity, including but not limited to prep, strike and filming must be fully enclosed within the film site; and
  7. No construction-related prep or strike will be permitted in connection with the filming; and
  8. No special effects shall be permitted in connection with the filming; and
  9. Any lighting used for production purposes shall be fully contained within the film site and properly shielded to prevent spill on to adjacent properties; and
  10. In addition to any police personnel required on actual film days, police personnel shall be assigned for the first week that the production company begins load-in, prep and set dressing activity at the film site.  Staff, in its sole discretion, may assign police personnel during additional non-filming days as it deems necessary on a weekly basis depending upon the conduct of the production company.
  11. The production company shall provide to staff a weekly production schedule describing filming dates, time and details of planned prep, strike and film activities, and the number of cast and crew to be on the film site each day; and
  12. A policy or policies of insurance in an amount not less than $2,000,000 in accordance with the City’s standard insurance requirements; and
  13. The film site is secluded from neighboring residences such that any impacts associated with the proposed filming are minimized or eliminated.

Film permit fees shall be doubled during extended film days (days 11 through 20).

Major motion picture productions may require a longer review period due to the numerous logistical issues that must be reviewed and potential impact film activity may have on the surrounding area.

In addition to film permit fees film company is responsible for all City costs associated with film activity (i.e., police, fire personnel, street use permit, business license, etc.) which must be paid in full prior to issuance of film permit.

Film company is eligible for small scale film fee based upon meeting the following criteria:

  • Cast/crew  - limited to 10-15 people
  • No more than 4 production vehicles
  • No full-sized generator
  • No special effects
  • No intermittent traffic control
  • Prep & strike activity occur on the same day of filming

From palm tree-lined streets to Rodeo Drive, what better place to photograph than beautiful Beverly Hills!  We know taking pictures is more creative and fun than filling out permit application forms; but, there are rules and regulations to follow for still photography in the City of Beverly Hills.

A permit is required for photography under the following circumstances:

  • On private property
  • Public right-of-way
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Photos taken are for commercial purposes
  • Industrial photography



Community Filming & Event Permits
Phone: (310) 285-2408

Hours of Operation: Mondays - Thursdays from 8:30am - 5:30pm and Fridays from 8:00am - 5:00pm.

For additional customer service assistance, please call Community Development at (310) 285-1141.

To submit a film permit application, please click here

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    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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