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Animal Resources

Beverly Hills and its environs are home to a myriad of critters, from coyotes and mountain lions to squirrels and skunks.

This page provides answers to questions you may have related to our wildlife, as well as resources for more information.

Animal Complaints

For complaints about excessive domestic animal noise, vicious dogs, suspicion of animal abuse or visits from a wild animal, you may submit an online complaint through Ask Bev, or call (310) 285-1119.

Dead Animal Pick-Up

To request dead animal pick-up in the City of Beverly Hills and on public property, please phone the City of Beverly Hills at (310) 285-PETS (7387).  If you have a dead animal on private property you may contact an independent licensed animal trapper or extermination company for service. or phone the PETS number for referral. 

Feral Cat TNR Program

Feral cats live permanently outside of a domestic home and are not owned as companion animals or pets. The City of Beverly Hills City Council adopted the Beverly Hills Feral Cat TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) Program to humanely manage the feral cat population.

The Community Preservation Division regulates the Feral Cat TNR Program. Those interested in participating may submit an application for a TNR Partner or Individual Permit by contacting the Community Preservation Division at (310) 285-1119.

Tips and Resources 

There are two ways to help keep unwanted wildlife away from your property: 

  1. Property maintenance: This includes well maintained fences and perimeter walls, intact screens on sub-floor and roof vents, and a clean trash bin area where bins are kept tightly closed at all times.
  1. Do not feed your pets outside, or feed wildlife at any time; this includes birds, squirrels, etc. In fact, the feeding of urban wildlife is prohibited.

For more information on dealing with stray, feral, or outdoor pets visit the Humane Society web page.

The California Wildlife Center

The California Wildlife Center (CWC) is involved with the protection of native wildlife through rehabilitation, education and conservation. Their core work is the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife; they are supported by state-of-the-art animal care and rehabilitation facilities, professionally trained staff, and dedicated volunteers.

Visit the California Wildlife Center website

Animal-Related Regulations

  1. Excessive dog noise is prohibited Code Section 5-1-210; it is the responsibility of the dog guardian to ensure that their dogs do not disturb the neighborhood.  
  2. Keeping of any dangerous animal - Code Section 5-2-302, Subsection 53.33
  3. Guardians liable for any damage or harm caused by their pet - Code Section 5-2-111
  4. Maximum of three dogs - Code Section 5-2-106
  5. Dogs must be kept on a maximum six-foot long leash at all times when being walked - Code Section 5-2-202
  6. Dog guardians are prohibited from not picking up after their pet defecates Code Section 5-2-105

Additional Resources

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