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Stop Work Orders

The Community Preservation Program is established to ensure compliance with the City's various property maintenance, land use, building, and health and safety regulations. The majority of cases investigated originate as a complaint filed by a neighbor or passerby. Alleged code violations are treated equally and investigated by staff as reported. Once confirmed, appropriate steps are taken to resolve the violations in a timely manner, our approach is helping people comply.

If you received a Stop Work Order, do not continue any work at the property until an issued permit is granted by the City. If any work continues, any and all parties on site may result in the issuance of a misdemeanor notice to appear citation, and further legal remedies as necessary. The unlawful continuance of construction-related activity is covered in Beverly Hills Municipal Code (BHMC) 9-1-118C.

Property owners should expect a formal Notice of Violation in the mail that provides additional information about the violation, and corrective action. Do not wait for this to begin the legalization process.

 addressing your stop work order:

NOTE: If you were issued a Stop Work Order for violating the conditions of an existing permit, please contact your project Building Inspector. If you do not know who your inspector is, call 310-285-1141 for more information.

  1. An appointment is required to address code violations and unpermitted construction. Stop Work Orders cannot be addressed during walk-in hours. Call 310-285-1141 to schedule an appointment. To better prepare for your appointment, please bring in the following:
  2. Notify the Officer or Inspector who issued the Stop Work Order by email of the pending appointment date.
  3. Once reviewed, approved, and paid (in full), the City's Permit Center will issue the permit(s) in order for work to resume on the property.
    • Permits issued as a result of a Stop Work Order are valid for 90 days from the issuance date (per BHMC 9-1-107N1)
    • Investigation fees are applicable (per BHMC 9-1-110D2)
  4. In order to fully settle this matter, you must receive final approval from the Building Inspection division. Corrections may be necessary.

Please contact the Officer or Building Inspector who issued the Stop Work Order for additional information related to your case. 



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