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Design Review


The City’s Design Review process is intended to ensure that single-family homes in the Central Area of the City are designed in a way that complement the distinct residential neighborhoods, maintain the scale and massing of the streetscape, and enhance the garden quality of the city.

When is Design Review Required?

All properties in the Central Area of the City may be subject to design review depending on the scope and scale of the proposed project.  Any project that involves work that is visible from the public street (e.g., new house, façade remodel, window replacement, painting, etc.) will require some level of design review.  To verify if your property is in the Central Area of the City Please consult the map here.

Track 1 and Track 2 Level Review

Design review can be completed at the staff- or Commission-level.  The level of review is dependent upon the scope and nature of the projects.  In the Central Area of the City, all new single-family residences, façade remodels, and additions (when visible from the street) require design review and can be reviewed as a either “Track 1” (staff-level) project or a “Track 2” (Commission-level) project.  In order to qualify for a Track 1 (staff-level) review, the project must be designed by a licensed architect in the state of California and it must be considered a “pure architectural style” per the Beverly Hills Single Family Style Guide.  The City’s Urban Designer will make the determination if a project is considered a “pure architectural style.”  If a project does not meet both criteria for a Track 1 project, it will be considered a Track 2 project and is subject to review by the Design Review Commission.  More information about the Design Review Commission can be found here.

Changing Out Windows

Window replacements are a common request at the public counter.  In single-family residential areas, window replacements are subject to design review if the property is located in the Central Area of the City and the request involves an elevation that is visible from the public street (i.e., the front elevation or portions of the side elevations).   For multi-family or commercial properties, window replacements are subject to architectural review if the request involves any elevation visible from a public right-of-way (e.g., a street or an alley).

Permits for a window replacement can typically be done at the public counter if the request includes a like-for-like exchange of window material or, if not a like-for-like exchange, a high quality window material, such as fiberglass, aluminum clad, wood, steel, etc.  Vinyl windows are not approved at the staff level (i.e., at the public counter).

For historic properties, windows are often an integral element of the structure and may be considered a character-contributing feature.  If your building has been designed by a master architect or is listed on one of the City’s historic resource surveys, additional historic review may be required before the issuance of any permits related to window replacement.  Please contact…

In order to process the design review or architectural review permit at the counter, the following items are required:

  • Property owner authorization
  • Window specification sheet from manufacturer
  • Installation details (these should show the depth of recess from the façade)
  • An elevation drawing or photograph showing the location of the window replacement
  • Egress details (if windows are located in a bedroom)

For window replacements that involve multiple windows, window types, and/or elevations, a window schedule and a keyed floor plan may be required.


To verify if your property is in the Central Area of the City and requires Design Review Please consult the map here.

To learn more about Design Review, please call the design review team at 310-285-1121.  Projects can also receive preliminary review at the public counter.  Walk-in hours are between 8-10 AM on Monday – Thursday, or appointments can be made by calling 310-285-1141.


Please click here to access the application for Design Review.


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