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Construction Signs

Various types of signs are required during construction projects.

Construction Signs

Construction signs are defined as any sign that identifies the responsible contractor, architect, developer, etc., including name, address, and phone number of the identified professional. They are not allowed in single-family residential zones. Signs must not exceed 10 square feet in multi-family residential zones, or 50 square feet in commercial zones.

Notice of Demolition and Construction Signs

A Notice of Demolition and Construction sign must remain posted on the property in a location readily visible at all times. The sign must be filled out in its entirety throughout the duration of the project.

Barricade Identification Signs

Barricade Identification signs are defined as identifying the person responsible for the barricade and providing their name and telephone number in case of emergency. They are not allowed in single-family residential zones. In multi-family residential zones and commercial zones, there must be one sign not to exceed one square foot in area.

Business Identification Signs During Construction Remodels

When a business remains open while remodeling its premises, and a construction barricade is required, one large business identification sign may be placed on the construction barricade adjacent to the entrance to the business.

This sign, not to exceed 12 square feet in area, may contain only the business name, a company logo, and the fact that the business is remaining open during the remodel. A new business on the site may also include the opening date of the business.

If a large business identification sign contains an advertisement for a new business, no real estate sign shall be allowed in front of the building, lot or parcel, or placed on the construction barricade.

In addition to the one permitted large business identification sign, small additional business identification signs are also permitted under the following conditions:

One sign may be placed on each side of the construction barricade, perpendicular to the street façade, facing a sidewalk or other pedestrian access through the barricade. 

The signs may state only the name of the business and the fact that it is open for business during the remodeling. 

These signs shall not exceed two square feet in area.

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