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Permit Records

Welcome to the Community Development Department Records page. Our department maintains building records for residential and commercial properties:

  • Building Permits (1918 to present)
  • Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Sprinkler, and Fire Alarm Permits (1987 to present)
  • Certificates of Occupancy (Late 1950s to present)
  • Geological/Soils Reports (1950s to present)
  • Planning Documents (Resolutions, Covenants, Conditional Use Permits, etc.)
  • Permit Applications
  • Building Information Sheets, Field and Parking Surveys

    Some building records are available online, CLICK HERE to review property information records. 

    Visit  the City Clerk's Office records page for information on all other Public Records Requests.

Plan Duplication requests

The City cannot release copies of plans without written permission from both the property owner and the licensed professional who signed the plans (Health and Safety Code 19851).

Plan Duplication Steps:

  1. Applicants must submit page 2 of the Plan Duplication Request Application to the Permit Center via email ( to verify that plans are on file.
  2. Staff will research and advise if the requested plans existApplicant must schedule a plan viewing appointment with the Permit Center. Call 310-285-1141 (Option 2) prior to submitting remaining plan duplication paperwork.
  3. After reviewing the requested plans with the Permit Center, the requestor(s) must submit the remaining documentation to the Permit Center. Call 310-285-1141 (Option 2) to arrange the submittal.
  4. All fees are charged are based on the City’s Fee Schedule in effect at the time. Once the completed affidavit and permission forms are received and payment has been made, Permit Center staff will send a request letter to the professional(s) of record via certified mail. 

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If you are the property owner or owner’s agent, please provide a letter (on letterhead stationery) to the City requesting a change of address or new addresses. The letter must include the proposed address and reason for the request, as well as: 

  • As-built plans/diagrams
  • Plot plan of the property
  • Floor plan of all buildings on the property
  • Listing of all existing addresses (buildings, suites, units, etc.) with clearly indicated proposed changes

Required documents may be emailed to the Records Dept. at or submitted in-person by appointment to Community Development. Please call (310) 285-1141 to set up an appointment.

If the address change is approved, the requestor will be required to pay a change of address fee, in accordance with the current schedule of fees. 


Once the address change is approved, the City will send out official address notification letters to the owner as well as to the following organizations: 

  • Beverly Hills Finance Department
  • Beverly Hills Fire Department
  • Beverly Hills Information Technology Department
  • Beverly Hills Police Department
  • Beverly Hills Public Works
  • Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization
  • County 911 Coordinator
  • Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office
  • Southern California Edison
  • The Gas Company
  • U.S. Post Office 

All address records will be updated in our City database.

Please note that address updates may take 4 to 6 weeks. For more information, please contact Community Development at (310) 285-1141 or email


The City of Beverly Hills does Address Verifications for tenants in apartment buildings whose units are not in the City's computer database. All tenants must complete the Address Verification Form and email it to Property managers must complete the Address Verification Form - Property Manager form as part of the verification process.

Both aforementioned documents should be emailed to the Records Dept. at For more information, please call Community Development at (310) 285-1141. 

Seismic Investigations:

Completed seismic investigation plans and associated documents are uploaded to the State Geological Survey archive files. Please access the CGS website for site-specific seismic investigation reports. 

To request copies of records not listed above, submit a Public Records Request form through the City Clerk's Office. City Clerk's office can be reached at (310) 285-2400Find out more on our Public Records webpage.

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Zoning Verification Letters

Zoning Verification Letter (Zoning Conformance Letter) is a request for copies and information collectively of the following:

  • Property Zoning 
  • Planned Development
  • Any Variances, Special Exceptions, or Conditions
  • Current Use 
  • Parking Regulations and Requirements 
  • Site/Zone Requirements 
  • Violations 
  • Plans
  • Inspection Information
  • Certificates of Occupancy

Follow the steps below to obtain a Zoning Verification Letter:

  1. Submit a written request outlining the items of interest to be verified by the zoning letter via email to 
  2. The processing fee is $754.00 per the current FY 23/24 Fee Schedule 
  3. Payments can be paid online or via check. (Payment Guide)
  4. If paying via check, please make the check payable to The City of Beverly Hills & mail to the following address: 

City of Beverly Hills, Planning Division

Reference: Zoning Verification Letter

455 N. Rexford Dr. 1st Floor

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


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sale of property affidavit

All buildings within the City of Beverly Hills are required to be retrofitted with low consumption plumbing fixtures and hardwired smoke detectors when a property is sold. This Affidavit is used to certify that all plumbing and smoke detector fixtures at the property meet the City's requirements. Compliance is the responsibility of the seller/transferor and is a condition of escrow. Incomplete affidavits will be returned.

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Recent Monthly Permit ReportS

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