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Welcome to the City of Beverly Hills' Roofing Permit page. A roofing permit is necessary for any roof changes, requiring a completed application, photos of the existing roof and building, Roofing Material ICC-ES report, and Cool Roof Rating Label

Roofing projects that involve work that is visible from the public street may require some level of Design Review or Architectural Review.  If the property is determined to be Historical or of historical significance, additional review may be required. Please be prepared to upload a photo of the existing property, and review our webpage for additional information. 

The City mandates Class A Fire-Rated, Non-Wood roofs, encouraging eco-friendly options for improved air quality and insulation.  If the scope of work requires encroachment onto City of Beverly Hills property, a separate Public Right of Way permit will be required. Lastly, it is important to note that separate structures require separate roofing permits (example: main house re-roof & detached garage re-roof). Please submit one application per structure. 



Roofing Permits can be obtained online or in person (during City walk-in hours Monday - Thursday 8AM -10AM, or with an appointment). Please review the Permit Center Plan Review and Permitting Guide, or call (310) 285-1141 to schedule an appointment. 


Our address is:
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wood roof ordinance

The Beverly Hills Wood Roof Ordinance requires all roofs in the City to meet Class A non-wood roof fire retardant standards. The Ordinance further restricts the use of wood as an allowable roofing material. Wood roofs may not be replaced in the City of Beverly Hills. Historical Properties are exempt.


Option 1. Re-roof the property with a non-wood roofing material.  A re-roof permit is required from the Community Development Department.

Option 2. Apply a temporary fire retardant spray to non-class A wood roofs.  A no-fee permit is required from the Community Development Department.

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