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Solar Panels

If you are considering adding solar panels to a new or existing building, The City of Beverly Hills has approved a set of guidelines to insure that systems will be installed in the safest and most effective way. 

Read the Solar Installation Guidelines

Adding Solar Panels To an Existing Building

Before installing a solar system for your home or business, both Southern California Edison and the California Energy Commission (CEC) recommend undergoing an Energy Efficiency Audit, which can be done for free. Replacing inefficient appliances and changing incandescent lights to fluorescent ones along with a solar system will provide the greatest benefit. 

Self-performed installations are permitted. If you need help choosing a qualified solar panel installer, the CEC maintains a database of solar installers, contractors, and retailers.

Incentives are available from Southern California Edison to solar customers, but an application is required prior to installation. Which application will be used depends on the type of building and the amount of energy solar will provide.

Incentives for projects under 10kW

Incentives for commercial projects 10kW or larger

Adding Solar Panels To a New Building

The New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) offers support and incentives for those wishing to construct new residential buildings with solar capability.

New Solar Homes Partnership Program

Eligibility in the NSHP depends on which utility the home will use for its electrical service. Publicly owned, or municipal, utilities are not eligible.

Southern California Edison also offers information on eligibility, incentives, and information on how to apply.

Those not eligible for participation in the NSHP can participate in the overall California Solar Initiative, which offers rebates and incentives for all installation types. The federal government's EnergyStar Program also offers tax rebates.


Prior to any installation, a plan check and permit is required. Please visit our Permit page for more details.

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