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Holiday Decorations in Commercial Area

Business owners may install holiday decorations no earlier than November 15 and must have them removed by January 10. 

Decorations are defined as: window painting, trees, wreaths, decorative lighting and similar seasonal displays not conveying commercial advertising.

Holiday decorations mounted on balconies, rooftops or other locations subject to falling, tipping or blowing over must be securely fastened to the building. For your safety, the Development Services division will review attachment details or plans for these installations free of charge.

Free-standing displays must be properly weighted or anchored to prevent them from blowing or tipping over.

Holiday decorations must not block or obstruct any building entrance or exit.

Holiday decorations may not be placed or overhang on sidewalks or other public ways.

Decorative lighting is limited to the holiday decoration exclusionary period only.

Use of the City sidewalk is allowed for installation and removal of temporary decorations on private property without a permit, provided that:

  • The work is done between the hours of 5am and 7am.
  • A minimum four-foot wide walkway on the city sidewalk remains clear for pedestrian travel.
  • The sidewalk is swept clean by 7am.

Electrical Safety Information

All electrical equipment (lights, extension cords, timers, etc.) must be UL listed for the use intended. 

The electrical loads must not exceed the listed capacity of any cord or receptacle.

The use of multi-plug adapters or other devices which allow more than one appliance to be plugged into a single electrical outlet may overload the circuit, causing a fire.

All receptacles and cords must be of the grounding type when servicing grounded appliances or fixtures.

Extension cords must be identified as suitable for hard or extra-hard usage and should be maintained in good condition without splices, deterioration or damage. 

Flexible cords should not be run through doorways or windows and must be protected from accidental damage. Instead, permanent Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets should be mounted on building exteriors, adjacent to annual decorations requiring electrical power. An electrical permit and inspection is necessary for GFCI installation.

Flexible cords should not be concealed within building walls, ceilings or floors.

Flexible cords should be connected to devices and fittings such that tension will not be transmitted to joints or terminals.

For technical questions, call (310) 285-1141. For the protection of life and property, Building & Safety personnel are on the alert for unsafe installations; they are authorized to ask owners to either install properly or remove unsafe decorations.

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