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Seismic Fault Investigations

As outlined in the Fault Investigation Guidelines, the City of Beverly Hills has site-specific fault investigation requirements prior to the issuance of building permits. Fault investigations and testing require City approval and various departmental reviews and coordination. While steps below provide a general overview of the seismic fault investigation process; the City of Beverly Hills may request additional information, documentation, or permits. Refer to BHMC BHMC 10-3-1833 for additional information.

Permit Steps:
  1. Preliminary Consultation & Consultant Deposit
  • Applicant must schedule a preliminary consultation appointment with the City Plan Review Engineers (PREs). City Plan Review staff will discuss the scope of work & will request an initial deposit. The amount of the deposit will be determined by the PREs based on proposed scope of work.
  • Staff:  Community Development Department Plan Review Engineers
  • Phone: 310-285-1141
  • Email:
  • Applicable depost fees *may* include:
    • Consultant Deposit
    • Fifteen Percent (15%) Administration Fee 
    • Permit Processing Fee
  1. Submit a Work Plan Proposal to be Reviewed by the City’s Peer Reviewer/Consultant Geologist
  • Applicant must prepare and submit a work plan to the City that outlines the site-specific seismic fault investigation scope of work including but not limited to type, number, and location of testing and investigation method. It needs to be emailed to
  • Staff will send the submitted work plan to the City’s peer reviewer and consultant will review the proposal & provide either comments to be incorporated into the document or will provide a preliminary acceptance to start the testing.
  1. Plan Review, Permitting, & Notifications
  1. Pre-Construction Meeting Required for Work in the Public Right of Way
  • After permits are approved and issued, applicant must schedule a Public Works (PW) inspection (if the work is in public right of way) at least five (5) business days before the proposed start date.
  • Public Works Notification letters may be required depending on the work location.
  • If “No Parking Signs” are required, applicants must post the City-issued signs at least three (3) days prior to the start date. Applicants must contact Police Dispatch (310)550-4875 once signs have been posted.
  1. Testing & Inspections:
  • Applicant must conduct testing as per the approved work plan and issued permits.
  • If necessary, traffic control must be conducted per the approved traffic control plan.
  1. Testing Results to City Geo-Consultant for Review
  • Applicant must provide investigation reports and results to City’s third-party consultant for review and approval.
  • Additional testing, fees, and inspection may be required.
  • After the final report is approved by the City’s third-party consultant and the letter of recommendation for acceptance of the report is issued to City by the peer reviewer, then restoration and backfill must be completed per approved permit(s) and all State and Local codes. Street restoration must be done per the City’s Standard Detail Drawings: 
  • Applicant must obtain final inspection approvals from the Building and/or Public Works Inspectors.
  1. Approval And Acceptance or Conditional Acceptance
  • Applicant must provide two (2) hard copies and one (1) digital copy of the final approved report(s) to the assigned Plan Review Engineer during normal business hours:

455 N. Rexford Dr. 1st Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90210

  • The City will verify findings with the consultant & will send a formal approval of seismic investigations letter to the applicant and to the California Geological Survey (CGS)
  • Any unused deposit will be refunded back to the original payor after all permits are finaled and the seismic investigation is completed.

Additional Questions? Call (310) 285-1141

Click here to access the Earthquake Zones that require the seismic fault investigations in Beverly Hills.

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