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Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulations

accessory dwelling units IN BEVERLY HILLS

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are attached or detached units that provide complete, independent living facilities for sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation on the same site as a single-family residence or multi-family building.  Sometimes called second units or granny units, ADUs can be an effective way to provide additional housing on single- and multi-family properties where housing units already exist.  While they cannot be sold separate from the main residence, ADUs can be rented.  In the City of Beverly Hills, ADUs are allowed on any property that is zoned for single-family or multi-family development.

The State made changes to the ADU law that became effective on January 1, 2021 in order to facilitate the development of ADUs.  Most importantly, the law established minimum standards applicable to ADUs and if a proposed project complies with these standards, it will be approved by-right and without any discretionary review (no planning permits are required).  This means only a building permit is required for construction of the ADU. The City has prepared guidelines below that provide a general overview of the applicable development standards.


Download Beverly Hills Single-Family Residential ADU Guidelines

Download Beverly Hills Multi-Family Residential ADU Guidelines

Additionally, the State has published a comprehensive handbook that provides more in-depth information about ADUs that can be constructed pursuant to State law.

Download State of CA ADU Handbook


For properties that are located north of Santa Monica Boulevard, the City has an existing discretionary process that may allow for the development of an ADU that is larger than what is currently permitted under State law.  This would require an ADU Use Permit and, depending on the configuration of the ADU, it may also require an R-1 Permit to be approved by the Planning Commission.  Please contact the Planning Division at 310-285-1141 or if you would like more information about this discretionary process. 


If you would like to learn more about how you can build an ADU on your property in Beverly Hills, please call 310-285-1141 and ask to speak with a planner or to make an appointment at the virtual public counter.  You can also email your questions to


Study Session

On March 24, 2022 (starting at 1:30 PM), the Planning Commission will hold a study session to discuss ADUs.  The focus of the study session will be on whether the Planning Commission is interested in expanding the minimum standards applicable to ADUs, such as height and floor area, that are currently set forth by the State.

At this study session, the Planning Commission will discuss potential changes to the regulations but will not take formal action.  The agenda and staff report will be available by March 4th at the link below :

Information on how to participate in the Planning Commission meeting can be found at


If you would like to receive updates on the ADU ordinance, please email Reina Kapadia at and you will be placed on the interested parties list.  This means that you will receive regular updates, such as notification regarding future meetings.

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