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Affordable Housing Programs

The Community Development Department administers affordable housing units available in the City of Beverly Hills. This includes several rental units that are available to members of the public that meet certain income criteria. 

**At this time, no affordable housing units are vacant and accepting applications for tenants. However, please make sure to check back on this page for updates, and check the Additional Resources section of this page.



For additional information or questions on the application or process contact Millie at (562) 200-7173 Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM or at

The City has a specific order of priority for placing tenants in affordable units: The Affordable Housing Occupancy Priority Ranking is summarized below:

Tier 1: Senior tenants displaced from the project site (on which the new project will be developed)
Tier 2: Tenants with BHUSD students displaced from the project site (on which the new project will be developed)
Tier 3: Other tenants displaced from the project site (on which the new project will be developed)
Tier 4: Displaced senior households from a multi-family property in the City of Beverly Hills
Tier 5: Displaced tenants from a multi-family property in the City of Beverly Hills with BHUSD students
Tier 6: Other displaced households
Tier 7: Senior households
Tier 8: Other income-qualified households

General questions and to receive emails about affordable housing in the City please email



Although there are currently no restricted affordable housing units available for application at this time, the Housing Rights Center provides a resource for affordable housing listings located in the greater Los Angeles and Ventura County areas.  Please check their webpage Project Place for these listings, and please note that they update these on a monthly basis. 

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