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Housing Element

The Housing Element of the General Plan is a guide for ensuring that the existing and future housing needs of our community are met. It specifies the City’s housing goals, policies and programs. This document describes the demographics of the community as well as the condition of the existing housing stock in the City.

As outlined in the Housing Element, the City will continue to encourage the development of affordable housing for senior and disabled persons, allow for greater ability for homeowners to construct second units, explore changes to City development standards for apartments and condominiums, and establish affordable housing requirements for new apartments and condominiums.

The City has been working to update the Housing Element for the 6th Cycle, which covers the period from 2021-2029. For more information, please visit:


2022 Housing Element Annual Progress Report 

The State requires the City to submit an annual progress report by April 1 of each year.  This Annual Report is a summary of progress made in accomplishing the identified programs in the City’s General Plan including progress made in accomplishing the housing programs identified in the City’s Housing Element.   

At its meeting on March 21, 2023, the City Council will receive the Draft 2022 General Plan Annual Report and Housing Element Annual Progress Report.  The staff report for this item can be found HERE, and the agenda can be found HERE




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