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General Plan

The General Plan serves as a ‘blueprint’ or a long-range planning document that sets forth the City’s goals, policies, and direction for the next 20 years.

Typically a General Plan is comprised of seven sections that address Land Use, Housing, Circulation, Conservation, Open Space, Safety and Noise.  Policies in these elements influence new projects such as street maintenance, traffic reduction, use and protection of resources, maintenance and development of new parks and recreation activities, preservation of historic structures, and other City services and amenities.


General Plan Annual Report REVIEW

The State requires the City to submit an annual progress report by April 1 of each year.  This Annual Report is a summary of progress made in accomplishing the identified programs in the City’s General Plan including progress made in accomplishing the housing programs identified in the City’s Housing Element. 

The Planning Commission and City Council review the Annual Report on General Plan and Housing Element Implementation each year.  After such review, the report is submitted to the State. 


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