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Topic Committee Final Reports

Recognizing that it is critical to the vitality of a community to periodically engage in a dialogue on its values, objectives, priorities and needs, before beginning the process of updating the general plan the City Council invited the community to participate in an indepth visioning process.  More than 170 citizens and elected and appointed officials actively identified, discussed and developed recommendations on a number of topics affecting the city.

The members of the groups represented a cross-section of the community. Each group researched their topic, obtained public input, and presented their final reports.  Final reports from the topic committees can be viewed and downloaded below.

For more information contact Chloe Chen in the City of Beverly Hills Planning Division

Vision Statements

  • Maintain the “garden quality” aspect of the vision developed by the City’s original founders, which is as relevant today as it was when the City was founded:
    • Quality of life through, attractive buildings and open spaces, walk-able pedestrian districts, outstanding community facilities, and cultural opportunities.
    • Commercial development that is supportive of, compatible with, and complimentary to, the surrounding residential neighborhoods.
    • Use of design principles that are consistent with the character of the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Incorporate conservation of natural resources and environmental enhancement of infrastructure to promote a healthy and productive place to live, work, visit and play.
  • Balance the desire to improve the flow of regional “through traffic” to preserve and enhance residential areas while not improving traffic flow so much as to attract new, increased “through traffic” to fill the void.
  • Utilize and improve upon the latest technology in traffic management.
  • Implement alternative means of shuttling residents, students and employees around the City.
  • Capitalize on the existing successes to guide further growth in a manner that balances residential quality of life with the necessities and realities of maintaining a successful business climate to support that quality of life.
  • Acknowledge that households today want larger homes than when the City was developed in the 1920’s and 1930’s, but support a return to the aesthetic and concern for community appearance evident in the types of houses built in that earlier period.
  • Preserve the character and scale of older development, and limit the scale of new development in most multi-family residential areas.
  • Emphasize community involvement, early outreach, and public notice of pending development, easier access to information, mechanisms for problem solving and dispute resolution, and achievement of resolution in a timely manner.

Excerpted from the General Plan Topic Committees’ Final Reports to City Council, 2004

 Circulation Topic Committee Final Report (538.5 KB)
 Commercial Standards Topic Committee Final Report (1.91 MB)
 Community Character Topic Committee Final Report (1.04 MB)
 Community Processes Topic Committee Final Report (192.1 KB)
 Environmental Sustainability Topic Committee Final Report (237.7 KB)
 Residential Issues Topic Committee Final Report (334 KB)
 Residential-Commercial Topic Committee Final Report (1.12 MB)
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