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Pending Projects Information
current planning projects list and monthly building permit report 

Please see below for links to view the Current Planning Projects List, and the monthly Building Permit Report. The Current Planning Projects List provides information on discretionary entitlement requests that have been filed and are currently under review by the Planning Division. For additional information on a specific project, please contact the applicable project planner (contact information is listed on the Current Planning Projects List).  Please note that the Current Planning Projects List may also be accessed on each Planning Commission meeting agenda found on the Planning Commission hearing webpage, and is updated in advance of each Planning Commission meeting. The monthly Building Permit Report provides information on building permits that have been applied for or issued within the previous month. 

NOTE: Planning applications and project resubmittals are currently accepted via email. However, planning applications and project resubmittals are not considered received by the City until such submittal is acknowledged by a Planning Division staff member. If you have questions regarding the status of your planning application, please call 310-285-1141 and ask to speak to a planner. If you have questions about the status of your project resubmittal, please reach out to your assigned planner directly. 


Public convenience OR necessity hearings

A Public Convenience or Necessity Hearing (PCN) is required for the issuance of an alcohol license when the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) indicates that there is an over concentration of alcohol licenses within a particular census tract where a new alcohol license has been applied for by a business. When there is a condition of an over concentration of licenses, per §23958.4 of the California Business and Professions Code, the City of Beverly Hills is required to make a determination as to whether allowing the sale of alcohol from the project site will serve the public convenience or necessity.  The following table provides information about past or upcoming Public or Convenience Necessity Hearings, which are conducted by the Hearing Officer of the City.  Please contact the Planning Division with any questions at:, or (310) 285-1141.


PCN Hearing Date PCN Hearing Materials PCN Hearing Video Recording
11-16-2022 11-16-22 Hearing Materials 11-16-22 Video
7-18-2022 7-18-22 Hearing Materials 7-18-22 Video
10-27-2021 10-27-21 Hearing Materials 10-27-21 Video



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