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How to Resolve Issues When Random Files Do Not Open in ProjectDox

This covers the optimization and flattening of documents to remove unsupported formatting. Brava does not support:

  • fillable forms
  • signatures, and/or
  • some note or comment attachments.

It is generally recommended that the document be in a normal PDF format before submitting. The exception is the BlueBeam document. If you run into issues with a specific document, you can try to convert it to a tiff file and then back to a pdf. This removes any unsupported formatting. This can be done a couple ways: through the Windows print to PDF under print in Adobe, an online conversion tool (I use, or through the application for documents that do open but do not display properly (this will not work if the document will not open at all).

Windows PDF printer and conversion tools are helpful if a document will not open at all in the viewer.

How to Print a File Using "Microsoft Print to PDF" in Adobe
  • Open document in Adobe
  • Go to File
  • Go to Print
  • Select Print to PDF writer from the option

This will basically recreate the document. There is one possible thing to consider - sometimes the Windows PDF printer rotates drawings.

MS Print to PDF

Online conversion tools
  • Go to an online site (such as
  • Upload the PDF file to convert to TIFF
  • Download the TIFF file when prompted
  • Upload the TIFF file to ProjectDox
  • Open file
  • Go to the top of the viewer and click on publish (See screenshot below in the last section for Publishing in the viewer)
  • Select Publish to PDF
  • Upload the new document to ProjectDox 
  • Verify that the document opens successfully

If the document opens but does not display as expected, you can use the Publish tools in the viewer to convert the document and reupload.

  • Open the document in ProjectDox
  • Go to the top and select the Publish dropdown
  • Select Tiff
  • Download and upload the new Tiff file
  • Open Tiff file
  • Select the Publish dropdown
  • Select PDF
  • Download and upload the new PDF file
  • Test document to make sure it opens successfully

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