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Site Improvements

This page contains information on the most common site improvements. If you do not see your proposed project here, contact us.

Artificial Turf/Synthetic Turf

The City requires that synthetic turf in residential front yards must meet specific criteria in location and coverage, material, installation and maintenance. Read the City Synthetic Turf Worksheet for details. All front yard synthetic turf installations will require a permit. Visit our Permit page for details

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Fences and Walls

Fence and wall height restrictions vary based on the location of fence and wall on private property. In single and multi-family zones, the maximum allowable fence height is eight feet in the rear yard, seven feet in the side yard (does not apply to street side yard) and three feet within the first 20% of the front yard and six feet anywhere after 20%. 

In the single family (R1) Hillside area the front and street side yard allowable fence or wall height is six feet maximum total height with the portion over three feet high being open to public view if located more than 10 feet away from the property line, three feet between three feet and 10 feet from property line and no wall allowed within three feet of property line.

There is no specific limitation in the commercial zone but an Architectural Commission approval is required. 

All swimming pools and excavations shall be enclosed by a fence or wall not less than five feet in height above ground.

Vacant lots must have a screened security fence.

Vacant Lot Fence Requirements

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Temporary Construction Fences/Walls

Fences and canopies must be eight feet in height and extend over the entire length of the building line. They must be maintained in a sound, safe, and clean condition, painted a neutral color and should have no signs other than those for which permits have been issued. No bracing or anchorage is allowed to the public sidewalk. 

A screened security fence shall be installed on all construction projects. A six-foot high chain link fence with a green color mesh screen shall be placed around the entire perimeter of the site, on or adjacent to the property line on all sides of the property. The fence facing the street shall be setback two feet from any property line with a street front.

A three- foot pedestrian gate access door shall be placed swinging into the property from the alley. In the case that there is not an alley, the pedestrian gate shall be placed where access is provided from the street front of the property. 

A rolling gate shall be placed as an opening in the fence wherever there is a driveway approach entering the lot. The size of the gate shall not be larger in width than that of the driveway. The rolling gate door shall not be of the swinging type.

Any landscaping in the front yard setback and parkway shall be maintained throughout the course of construction. The landscaping in the front yard setback and parkway shall be maintained by an automatic irrigation system. Temporary panel stands are not permitted.

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A permit is required for the construction, repair or maintenance of a permanent and temporary fences or walls. Visit our Permit page for details

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The Air Quality Management District (AQMD) prohibits the installation of wood burning fireplaces in both new and existing developments with a few exceptions.  Only gas burning decorative appliances and fireplaces (factory made and site built) with a listed gas log permanently affixed to its base may be installed. The chimney damper must be permanently blocked open if a gas log is added to a fireplace. 

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Block Walls

The City provides a standard block (CMU) wall detail that can be used to obtain a building permit of a wall that does not retain soil.  Deviations from the standard block wall detail shall be engineered by a California Licensed Engineer. Find out more.

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Concrete Shear Walls

Review the standard plan review checklist for concrete shear walls

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Front Yard Paving 

The City regulates the amount, location, and material of Front Yard Paving.

Review the front yard paving standards.

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Tree Removal

Trees on private property are regulated by the Community Development Department. To learn what trees are protected and information on the removal process, please visit the "Trees" page.

View a List of Protected Trees

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