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Mixed-Use Overlay Zone


The City Council recently adopted a Mixed Use Overlay Zone (see Ordinance No. 20-O-2825) to allow housing units in some commercial areas of the City.  

Mixed use projects are developments with both commercial uses and residential units.  They are now allowed in the Mixed Use Overlay Zone, which has been applied to the following commercial areas of the City:

  • Properties fronting on Wilshire Boulevard between San Vicente Boulevard to the east and Rexford Drive to the west;
  • Properties located on the southern side of Wilshire Boulevard between Rexford Drive to the east and South Santa Monica Boulevard to the west;
  • Properties fronting on La Cienega Boulevard between the northern and southern borders of the City;
  • Properties fronting Robertson Boulevard between the northern and southern borders of the City;
  • Properties fronting on Olympic Boulevard located between the eastern boundary of the City and Rexford Drive to the west;
  • Properties fronting on South Doheny Drive between Wilshire Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard;
  • Properties fronting on Santa Monica Boulevard (south roadway) between Wilshire Boulevard to the east and South Moreno Drive to the west; and
  • Properties fronting on South Beverly Drive between Wilshire Boulevard to the north and Charleville Boulevard to the south.

These locations are also shown on the Adopted Mixed Use Overlay Zone Map below:

Adopted Mixed Use Overlay Map

More information is available in the Mixed Use Development Guide (Feb 2021)

If you are interested in Mixed Use or have questions, please contact the Planning Division at (310) 285-1141 or email us at


City Council Public Hearing: November 17, 2020.  The staff report can be found here and video for this item may be viewed here

City Council Public Hearing: October 13, 2020

On Tuesday, October 13, 2020 the City Council held a public hearing to consider the proposed mixed use overlay zone ordinance.  The staff report can be found here and the video is here for this item.  At this meeting, the City Council heard the staff report and considered public comment for the item.  The City Council then closed the public hearing portion of the item and continued the item to its meeting on October 27. 2020 at 7 PM.  On October 27, the item was continued to November 10.

Planning Commission Public Hearing: June 19, 2020

To read the Planning Commission public hearing report (June 19, 2020) on the item please click here.  This report contains more information about the proposal as well maps that outline the areas being considered for mixed use overlay zoning. To watch the video of the Planning Commission meeting please click here.  

Community Meeting:  October 8, 2020

An informational community meeting to present an overview of the mixed use ordinance and discuss how the State Density Bonus law could be used in conjunction with the mixed use overlay zone provisions. 

The presentation slides from the meeting may be viewed and downloaded here. The recording of the meeting may be viewed here.

For more information about Density Bonus regulations, please review the state law here.  This document also summarizes the State Density Bonus regulations.  Please note this document was not produced by the City of Beverly Hills.  



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