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Golden Shield Cultural Recognition program



Created in 2019 by the Cultural Heritage Commission and the City Council, the Golden Shield Cultural Recognition Program is a heritage recognition program that venerates locations that have historical and cultural significance in the city. The Program established an additional means by which the City may honor buildings, sites, and entities, including long-standing local businesses or organizations, which contribute to the community’s rich history and culture in ways other than strictly through exceptional architecture or direct association with important historical events or personages. The Program recognizes important contributors to the City’s cultural history with a custom gilt-bronze plaque highlighting the location’s historical and/or cultural significance. Up to 12 Golden Shields may be granted per year to sites, structures, and establishments that qualify under at least one of the six nomination criteria listed below.




  1. It  exemplifies a particular way of life that helps to strengthen the economy of the City by formally recognizing important features and sites for residents, tourists and visitors;
  2. It fosters public appreciation and civic pride in the character and quality of the City and reinforces a sense of place associated with Beverly Hills;
  3. It possesses artistic or aesthetic value, or represents the unique characteristics of a particular architectural style, architectural type, architectural period, method of construction, etc.;
  4. It is associated with community members, businesses/institutions, or events that are important to the cultural history of the City;
  5. It has a unique location, singular physical characteristic, educational value, or is a prominent or familiar visual feature within the cultural landscape of the community;
  6. The recognition is expressly agreed to by the owner(s) of the property.

The following sites have been recognized as Golden Shield nominees by the City of Beverly Hills:

Golden Shield No. Plaque Location Address Name Report
 No. 1 Northwest corner of Alpine Drive & Sunset Boulevard   Doña Maria Rita Valdez de Villa Homestead Report
 No. 2 Sidewalk at current Lawry’s building 100 La Cienega Blvd. Original Lawry's Restaurant Report
 No. 3 Southwest corner of Rodeo Drive & Dayton Way   Giorgio Beverly Hills Boutique Report
 No. 4 Sidewalk in front of the entry door at current retail space 414 N. Beverly Dr. Nate 'n Al Delicatessen Report
 No. 5 Sidewalk in front of the entry door at current retail space 351 N. Beverly Dr. Gearys Beverly Hills Report
 No. 6 Sidewalk along frontage of 1019 N. Roxbury Dr. 1019 N. Roxbury Dr. Gershwin Residence Report
 No. 7 Mid-block along east side of North Canon Drive, between North Santa Monica Boulevard & South Santa Monica Boulevard   Morocco Junction Station Report
 No. 8 Sidewalk on Beverly Drive, where the main front entry was once located   Beverly Theatre / Fiorucci Report
 No. 9 Northwest corner of Wilshire Boulevard & Rodeo Drive   The Brown Derby Report
 No. 10 Centered between two store fronts on North Rodeo Drive 326 N. Rodeo Dr. Romanoff's / The Daisy Report
 No. 11 Sidewalk in front of current confectionary shop 444 N. Canon Dr. Grace Young's Candy Roundup / Edelweiss Report
 No. 12 Southeast corner of South Santa Monica Boulevard & North Rodeo Drive 466 N. Rodeo Dr. Carroll and Company Report
 No. 13 Sidewalk in front of original entry, center of Beverly Tract lot 16, Block 1 on Rodeo Drive Rodeo Drive The Luau Report
 No. 14 Sidewalk in front of current retail space 418 N. Canon Dr. Harry Harris Shoes Report
 No. 15 Sidewalk in front of original retail location on North Beverly Drive 439 N. Beverly Dr. Pioneer Hardware Report
 No. 16 Sidewalk in front of current retail space 365 N. Beverly Dr. Pixie Town Report
 No. 17 Southeast corner of North Camden Drive and South Santa Monica Boulevard   Hans Ohrt Lightweight Bicycles Report
 No. 18 Sidewalk in front of the entry portal to the elevator lobby  345 N. Beverly Dr. Francis-Orr Stationery Co. Report
 No. 19 Sidewalk in front of the original entry 152 S. Rodeo Dr. Don Loper Salon Report
 No. 20 Sidewalk in front of the current retail space 9600 Brighton Way Brighton Coffee Shop Report
 No. 21 Sidewalk in front of the original door entry  309 N. Rodeo Dr. Uncle Bernie's Toy Menagerie Report
 No. 22 Sidewalk in front of the storefront window of the shop unit 200 S. Beverly Dr. Wil Wright's Ice Cream Shop Report
 No. 23 Sidewalk in front of the double entry doors of the pharmacy 433 N. Roxbury Dr. Mickey Fine Pharmacy Report
 No. 24 Sidewalk in front of the current retail space, offset from the existing front entry canopy 246 N. Canon Dr. The Bistro Report

No. 25

Sidewalk near the current entry into Bank of America 466 N. Beverly Dr. Ah Fong's  Report

No. 26

Sidewalk at the "point" created by Wilshire Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard   Beverly Hills Nurseries Report

No. 27

Sidewalk at the halfway point that aligns with northern property line Southwest corner parcel of Wilshire Blvd. & Canon Dr. Warner Bros-Beverly Hills Theatre Report

No. 28

Sidewalk at 1) corner of Bedford Drive and Wilshire Boulevard and 2) corner of Beverly Drive and Olympic Boulevard

1) Corner of Bedford Dr./Wilshire Blvd

2) Corner of Beverly Dr./Olympic Blvd.

Beverly Hills Speedway Report


Map of gOLDEn shields

Golden Shield Map

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