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Historic Status Benefits

If you own a building designated as a historic landmark, you may qualify for the following benefits.

The Mills Act Historical Property Contract Program

The Mills Act allows owners of qualifying buildings to receive a potential property tax reduction and use the savings to help rehabilitate, restore, and maintain their buildings. Find out more

Historic Incentive Permit

The Historic Incentive Permit allows the Planning Commission to modify or waive development standards that would otherwise apply to all types of historic properties, including single-family residential, multi-family residential, and commercial. A prerequisite requires that the property be a designated historic landmark. 

Types of incentives include waivers from zoning regulations based on the needs of each project. Examples of waivers include, but not are not limited to: height, stories, parking, floor area, setbacks, accessory dwelling units, fence heights, and slope regulations.

Inquiries are handled on a case-by-case basis by discretionary review. For more information, please contact:

Historic Plaque Program

Owners of historic properties designated by the City as either a Historic Landmark or a Contributing Resource within a City-designated Historic District, as listed in the Beverly Hills Register of Historic Properties, are eligible to receive a Beverly Hills Historic Property Plaque.

The Plaque is to be placed on the exterior façade of the building or at the front of the property to acknowledge the date when the resource was constructed and its historic significance.

Download the Historic Plaque application

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