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Historic Status Qualifications

Is your building historic? Here’s how to find out.

Beverly Hills Historic Landmark Criteria

A landmark must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Be at least 45 years of age, or a property of extraordinary significance
  • Possess high artistic or aesthetic value, and embody the distinctive characteristics of an architectural style, type or period
  • Retain substantial integrity from its period of significance
  • Have continued historic value to the community

In addition, it must satisfy at least one of the following requirements:

  • Listing on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Be an exceptional work by a Master Architect
  • Be owned and occupied by a person of great importance, and be directly connected to a momentous event in the person’s endeavors or the history of the nation.
  • Be owned and occupied by a person of great local prominence
  • Be an iconic property
  • Have a landmark designation procedure initiated or expressly agreed to by the property owner

Download the City Landmark and District Significance Criteria

Download the Landmark Designation Application

Historic Resource Surveys

Every few years the City of Beverly Hills conducts a survey to identify places of social, historical, and architectural significance. 

No properties will receive formal historic designation as a result of the surveys; this is a separate process subject to public notification, participation and review. For additional information, please contact Aaron Savage, Associate Planner, via e-mail at

Historic Preservation Consultant List

Need an expert opinion? Here’s a list of historians, architects, and historic preservationists who can conduct a historic resources survey assessment, prepare City landmark nominations, or assist with the rehabilitation of a historic building.

Download the list

Additional Resources

The Secretary of the Interior's Standards (often referred to as "SOI Standards") are the primary standards used by the City of Beverly Hills during Historic Preservation Project Review. 

Download the SOI Standards for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings

Download SOI's Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitation & Sustainability for Historic Buildings

Additions to Historic Properties - Design Considerations Cheat Sheet

List of Master Architects

The List of Local Master Architects has been compiled by the Cultural Heritage Commission to assist in the identification and evaluation of properties throughout the city for historical significance.

Download the List

CERTIFICATE OF appropriateness

Pursuant to Beverly Hills Municipal Code Section 10-3-3219, the Certificate grants the owner of a historic property or a noncontributing property in a historic district with the permission to alter, restore, reconstruct, relocate, rehabilitate, stabilize, demolish, or change the exterior appearance of a designated landmark or contributing property.

Download the C of A Application

For more information regarding this process, please contact Historic Preservation Program staff.


Pursuant to Beverly Hills Municipal Code Section 10-3-3221, any owner of a property not listed on the local register may at any time file the Certificate of Ineligibility application with the City requesting a determination that the subject property is ineligible for designation as a local landmark in the City.

Download the C of I Application

For more information regarding this process, please contact Historic Preservation Program staff.


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