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Protecting City Trees During Construction

The City of Beverly Hills requires that trees, particularly City trees, are safeguarded throughout excavation and construction. 

A City tree is defined as any tree located within a parkway or other public area, regardless of its location.

Before you start a project, here’s what you need to provide to the City:

  • A tree mitigation plan that includes details of how you will protect the trees. An arborist will review your plans to make sure that the trees will survive.
  • An indemnity bond that includes the cost to replace any mature trees that may be harmed by the construction project.
  • Three sets of plans that include a plan showing the location of the trees with respect to nearby streets, driveways, and buildings .


In addition to the above information, your project may also require a building permit (if protective fencing is required), a public right-of-way permit, and a heavy haul permit. Visit our Permit page for details.

Additional information can be found in a City brochure on protecting trees during construction. To get started on this process, call (310) 285-2467.

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