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Driveway Approaches & Curbs

For additional information on Front Yard Paving or driveways, please visit "Property and Zoning Information" page.

The City of Beverly Hills has standardized requirements for all driveway approaches and curbs, to ensure uniform and structurally sound construction, repair and maintenance.

Please follow these guidelines for the installation of new, modified or relocated driveway approaches and curbs.

Driveway Approach/Curb & Gutter Project Requirements

A driveway approach is the ramped portion of the sidewalk, including the lower curb and gutter, that allow vehicles to access private property from the street. A permit is required to replace or install new driveway approaches, curbs & gutters. To obtain a permit complete an application and submit a plot plan in person at the Permit Center, along with an application for a pre-inspection (applicable fees apply and will be charged when application is submitted). This will determine if the proposed project will be approved or denied.

On some projects, conditions of approval will be required to obtain a permit.

An inspection of site conditions will follow within 72 hours of the application submittal. Applicant must have an appointment time and date with a Department Service Technician (DST) any time after 72-hours for permit approval and issuance or proposed project corrections.

Contractor must be insured and licensed with a valid license Class A, C-8, or C-12 at the time of the proposed project. You may visit the California Contractor State License Board to verify your contractor's license and insurance status, or enter the Contractor License Number into the database search provided by the State.

Verify a Contractor's License and Insurance

Insurance Requirements

A forms (pre-pour concrete) inspection and final inspection will be performed on this project.


Heavy Hauling, Street Use, and Driveway Approach permits are required for driveway approach projects. 

Heavy Hauling, Street Use, and Curb & Sidewalk permits are required for Curb & Gutter and Curb Drain projects 

Please visit our Permit page for more details.

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