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Beverly Hills Resources, Forms and Documents


Beverly Hills Housing Rights Legal Services Program

If you need free assistance on a housing rights issue, contact Bet Tzedek Legal Services. Consultations are available to Beverly Hills residents who meet financial eligibility criteria. Informational sessions are available every Monday from 10am-12pm at Roxbury Park Community Center, located at 475 S. Roxbury Drive.  Appointments may be made by calling Bet Tzedek Legal Services at (323) 939-0506.

For additional information, please click here. If you have questions, please call the Human Services Office in the Community Services Department at (310) 285-1006

Click the following link to access, Housing Rights Center Affordable Housing List.

L.A. County Department of Consumer & Business Affairs

For all issues not covered under the local Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization Code and for all civil or lease-related issues, please contact Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Rent Stabilization information at (213) 974-1452, or visit 


Online Registration System

Our online registration system offers access to the following.

  • Amendments to the Rental Unit Registration
  • Appeal of the Certified Permissible Rent Amount
  • Appeal of the Rent Amount Reported to the City by the Landlord
  • Request for Certificate of Registration of Rental Units and Permissible Rent Levels
Landlord Rent Adjustment Application

The Beverly Hills Municipal Code allows landlords to file a rent adjustment application for some or all rental units within the landlord’s rental complex in order to achieve a "just and reasonable return," based on net operating income principles. Click on the link below to download the form and instructions.

Landlord Rent Adjustment Application Instructions (RSO-020)

FORM: Landlord Rent Adjustment Application (RSO-021)

Means and Method Plan for Tenant Protection During Construction

Pursuant to Section 9-1-108(L) of the Municipal Code, when applying for a permit to alter, repair, or rehabilitate any structure that contains one or more dwelling units, the applicant shall indicate on a form furnished by the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (“RSO”) whether the property is occupied by tenants.

If the property is tenant-occupied and, as determined by the RSO, the construction work could impact the habitability of any unit on the property, prior to obtaining a permit, the applicant shall submit a construction means and method plan to the RSO which contains the information required by this Section.

Beverly Hills Construction Means and Method Plan for Tenant Protecion During Construction



Tenant Landlord Handbook

Ordinance No. 18-O-2766


Chapter 6 Code

Chapter 6 FAQs

Chapter 5 Code

Chapter 5 FAQs

Resolution 17-R-13158

Ordinance 17-O-2745

Common Documents

Ordinance No. 18-O-2766

B.H.M.C. § 4-5 (Chapter 5)

Section of the Beverly Hills Municipal Code that regulates units falling under Chapter 5.

B.H.M.C. § 4-6 (Chapter 6)

Section of the Beverly Hills Municipal Code that regulates units falling under Chapter 6

Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization 2019 Registration Guide - Section of user guide that explains how landlords register their units with the City.

Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization 2019 User Guide - Complete guide to our registration website.

Disruptive Tenant Application

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