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Short-Term (Vacation) Rentals

Single Family Homes are intended as private residences. Short Term Stays (Transient Use) are defined as renting/leasing a home for a period of less than six months and is only allowed a maximum of two times per calendar year.

Multi-Family Buildings (Apartments) are intended to be rented/leased for a period of not less than 30 days. Short Term Stays (Transient Use) of less than 30 days are prohibited.


Q: Can I advertise and rent my single-family home as a short-term vacation rental?

A: You may rent your home a maximum of two times in a calendar year. However, you are conducting a business activity and will be required to pay all annual business taxes AND applicable Transient Occupancy Taxes.

Q: Does the City enforce Short Term Rental violations?

A: Yes. The City takes violations of short-term rentals seriously. The City actively monitors vacation rental websites and investigates complaints regarding unlawful rentals. Property Owners and tenants that sublet that are found to be noncompliant will be referred to the City Prosecutor for criminal/civil prosecution AND be required to pay all overdue fines and taxes. In addition, renters that are found occupying the property may also be cited.

Q: Who may I contact to ask questions or file a complaint?

A: Please call City of Beverly Hills Community Preservation at (310) 285-1119.

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