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Single Family Regulations in the Central Area

The Beverly Hills zoning code outlines what can be built on single-family properties throughout the city.  The city is divided into three distinct areas, the Central Area, the Hillside Area, and Trousdale Estates Area, each with different regulations for single-family properties.  There are different regulations for single-family properties based on the area of the city in which they are located. To determine which area of the city your property is located in, please refer to this map.

Making Changes to a Property in the Central Area of the City

If you are interested in making changes to a single-family property located in the Central Area of the City please consult Article 24 of the Zoning Code. This section of the code will provide information about:

  • maximum allowable floor area
  • height
  • required setbacks
  • required parking spaces
  • walls, fences, and hedges
  • landscaping and pavement regulations
  • accessory structures

Accessory Dwelling Units

If you would like to add or remodel an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) (sometimes referred to as a second unit, mother-in-law unit, etc.) on your single-family property please consult this section of the Beverly Hills Zoning Code.   Note that if your property is located south of Santa Monica Boulevard, the ADU must comply with Subsection A.  If your property is located north of Santa Monica Boulevard, the ADU must comply with Subsection A if you would like to have it processed by-right.  If it does not comply with Subsection A, it must comply with Subsection B, which requires an Accessory Dwelling Unit Use Permit.

Design Review

Properties located in the Central Area of the City are subject to the City’s Design Review Process.  The purview of design review extends to any portion of a single-family residence that is visible from a public street (e.g., typically the front façade and a portion of the side facades).  Any aesthetic changes to a single-family residence, including but not limited to façade remodels, painting, window replacement, new roofing, etc., are subject to some level of design review, which may be a staff- or Commission-level review.  For more information, please consult the Design Review webpage

More Information

If you would like to learn more about single-family development in the Central Area of the City please call 310-285-1141 and ask to speak with a planner or to make an appointment at the public counter.  

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