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Bicycle Rack-on-Request Form

Thank you for your interest in installing a bicycle rack adjacent to your place of business in the public right-of-way. Bicycle racks are available free of charge to businesses within the Beverly Hills City limits.  The following guidelines will assist with your Rack-On-Request application. 

General Process

Following receipt of a Rack-On-Request application, the City Transportation Engineer (or designated technical staff) will conduct a field check within two weeks to determine if a bicycle rack can be installed adjacent to your place of business.  

If rack installation is feasible adjacent to the business address, City staff will contact the applicant with the proposed installation location and timeline.  If the location is not suitable for a bike rack, staff will contact the applicant explaining why the bike rack cannot be installed at the desired location and offer an alternative location when applicable.    

For cost efficiency, staff will attempt to group Rack-On-Request installations based on the number of requests received each month.  Installations will take approximately two month to coordinate, but the timeline can vary with the number of racks requested each month and available inventory.  A Notice of Installation will be mailed to adjacent businesses prior to installing any bicycle rack equipment in the public right-of-way.


Bicycle racks will be installed in the public right-of-way on concrete sidewalk where space allows.  Racks can only be installed on cement surfaces. The following surfaces will not accept bicycle rack mounting equipment:

  • brick
  • porcelain tiles
  • cobble stone
  • dirt or grass
  • tiled surfaces

For additional information, please contact Transportation Planning at (310) 285-1128 or send an email to


City of Beverly Hills 
Bicycle Rack-On-Request Application 

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