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Trousdale Estates View Restoration

The Beverly Hills City Council has adopted regulations that address the issue of city views that have been impaired by foliage growing on a neighbor's property in Trousdale Estates.  

Hedges Between Properties

One ordinance revised the development standards for walls, fences and hedges in Trousdale Estates (Beverly Hills Municipal Code Section 10-3-2616).  The definition of hedge was amended and new height standards were adopted for hedges on slopes between adjacent properties.  This was intended to assist property owners in restoring and maintaining views by limiting hedge height adjacent to a neighbor's property.  Information can be found here.

Trees and Foliage

The Trousdale View Restoration Ordinance sets out a process for property owners to address views impaired by foliage, including trees, growing on neighbors' properties, where the foliage does not qualify as a hedge pursuant to the hedge standards outlined above. 

This process provides a framework for neighbors to work together to resolve issues of view impairment.  The process can have three steps: 

  • Initial Neighbor Outreach
  • Mediation
  • Planning Commission Hearing

The intent is for as many cases as possible to be worked out at the Initial Neighbor Outreach step in the process, saving all involved time and money. Neighbors are advised to be mindful of other neighbors' concerns, to be cordial, and are encouraged to find compromise solutions.  Neighbors may find solutions outside of the City's view restoration process; however, if a property owner wishes to preserve the opportunity to apply to the City for a decision in a view restoration case, the City's view restoration process must be followed.

These ordinances do not apply to properties located outside of the Beverly Hills City limits. 

Trousdale Estates View Restoration Guidelines

Below is a link to the Trousdale Estates View Restoration Guidelines, a step-by-step guide to the view restoration process adopted in the City's ordinance.

Trousdale Estates View Restoration Guidelines

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