Beverly Hills Art Show

Artist Display Samples - including both Photos & Drawings

(please note - canopies bigger than 10' X 10'  are not permitted, although spaces are somewhat larger – 13’ X 13’)


Chris Otcasek Display - NOTE: display equipment was rented from and installed by our recommended rental company


Melissa Mahoney Display - NOTE: display equipment was rented from and installed by our recommended rental company


Mallory Morrison Display - NOTE: display equipment was rented from and installed by our recommended rental company 


Display by John Weidenhamer, with his own display equipment 


Display by Ed Hart 


Display by Alejandro Martinez-Pena, with his own display equipment


Display by Mercedes Bantz, with her own display equipment 


Display by Randy Redekopp, with his own display equipment 


Display by Hong Rubinstein, with her own display equipment 


Artist Display Samples - Renderings and Mock-ups

Rendering by Manuel Gonzales

Mock-up by Randy Redekopp


                   Booth display by Antje Campbell

Rendering by Susan Jareckyl for sculptor Antje Campbell



Rendering by Warangtad Pasurapak

 Sharon Garrett booth display

Rendering by Sharon Garrett



Sofya Pushkarskaya booth display

Rendering by Sofya Pushkarskaya