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Homeless Services

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The City of Beverly Hills is addressing homelessness through multiple channels outlined below; continue reading for more detailed information on each strategy.

  1. We work directly with homeless individuals - Beverly Hills Outreach Team (BHOT) - conducts daily outreach in the parks and on the streets of Beverly Hills
  2. We coordinate internally across City departments and contracted services – Representatives from all City teams that address homelessness meet weekly for a coordinated meeting and client review, to exchange information and ideas; all the teams also use a central software solution for tracking outreach efforts.  
  3. We engage community stakeholders - the Beverly Hills Homeless Collaboration made up of the Human Services Division, BHOT, and city representatives including: the City's Prosecutor's office, parking, police, fire, faith-based community and county and regional partners, meets monthy.
  4. We find new solutions for the unhoused - Outreach services and staffing have been expanded recently; City Council has approved a plan to provide 30 units of Permanent Supportive Housing and 280 motel stays annually for 10 years to address the situation.
  5. We support regional efforts to end homelessness - The Human Services Division participates in the Westside Cities Council of Governments' monthly working group on the unhoused, along with neighboring cities and Los Angeles County.

Beverly Hills Scattered Site House Program (BHSSH)


City Council Approved Proposal with Step Up on Second for
30 Units of Permanent Supportive Housing and 280 Motel Stays Annually for 10 Years


 Frequently Asked Questions

Click HERE for a list of FAQs on homelessness and the services provided by the City of Beverly Hills.

Homeless Services 

 Learn more about Homeless Services here! (PDF) 

Beverly Hills Outreach Team (BHOT): The City has engaged the services of a professional outreach team trained in how to approach and assess the needs of homeless individuals. You can help by calling the BHOT team at 310-285-BHOT (2468) and provide the location and description of the homeless individual. 

Community Assistance Grant Funds (CAGF):  For many years the City has operated a community assistance funding process that provides grants to non-profit agencies in and around Beverly Hills that provide valuable social services for residents of Beverly Hills. Many of these organizations work with the unhoused, and here are a few of these partnerships:

  • All Saints’ Episcopal Church Homeless Assistance Program - $45,000 to provide Subway sandwich gift cards and Metro TAP cards for unhoused individuals needing to get to shelter in Downtown Los Angeles, as well as funding the Home Again Program that provides bus or air transportation to individuals seeking reunification with family in other communities.
  • Collin & Katz Family YMCA - $10,000 for Food Distribution program.
  • People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) - $100,000 for 5 Shelter beds annually.
  • Saban Community Clinic - $50,000 to community clinic that provides medical, vision, and dental services to the unhoused.
  • Safe Parking LA - $50,000 to fund operations of safe parking lots for homeless families and individuals living in vehicles.
  • Step Up on Second - $165,000 for housing and mental health services from outreach teams.
  • Westside Food Bank - $250,000 for the foodbank that serves low-income and unhoused individuals.

Ordinance of the City of Beverly Hills Prohibiting Certain Conduct on Public Property.

The City of Beverly Hills is committed to taking a holistic approach to addressing the causes of, as well as deterring, certain public conduct on public property.  The City is in the process of providing 30 units of Permanent Supportive Housing and up to 280 motel stays annually for 10 years to employ the housing first model. The City has engaged in, and will continue to engage in, outreach efforts to communicate with homeless individuals regarding facilities available to address their basic needs an avoid violating the provisions of this ordinance.  Finally, in adopting the following provisions into its Municipal Code, the City Council also directs that members of the police department or other appropriate officials offer those alternatives to any person who appears to be homeless before arresting or citing that person for a violation of these provisions.    For complete Ordinance click here.

Resolution to Create a Parking Forgiveness Program

Parking citations often pose a barrier to stability and self-sufficiency for individuals and families who are homeless, formerly homeless, or at-risk of homelessness. Many of these individuals live paycheck-to-paycheck, and thus parking citations can result in an impounded car that can then result in loss of work and a reduction in income. Those who have already lost their homes and live in their cars are frequently subjected to parking citations, which they often cannot pay, resulting in impoundment. Unable to retrieve their cars, they may lose all of their possessions and their last form of shelter. The City Council of the City of Beverly Hills is aware of this critical problem and is concerned about individuals and families who are homeless, formerly homeless, or at-risk of homelessness.  Read more about the resolution and forgiveness program.

Additionally, the City provides a Community Assistance Grant to Safe Parking LA, a non-profit organization that provides safe parking lots for people living in their vehicles to park at and use restroom and laundry facilities.

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