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City Hall Municipal Gallery
Municipal Gallery

455 N. Rexford Drive, Room 220; Beverly Hills, CA 90210

For private (non-City) events, the Gallery is available only on weeknights (excluding Tuesday City Council nights) and weekends. We cannot commit to regularly scheduled activities; all activities will subject to the internal City Schedule and based on a first-come, first-served system with internal Council activities prioritized.

All rental companies/the applicant must provide us with a proposed layout for approval.


Fees for Residents/Non-Residents:

For weekend events in the Gallery, both a Facilities Monitor and Park Ranger must be assigned at the cost of the applicant. For events that last longer than 9pm on the weekdays, these hourly rates will apply as well.

  • Hourly Fee (2 hr. min.): $156.00 / $95.00 (Non-Resident)
  • Security deposit, refundable: $312.00 / $389.00 (Non-Resident)
  • Facilities Monitor, (hourly): $59.00
  • Park Ranger, (hourly): $59.00



The posted capacity is 120 with theater or classroom seating, up to 150 with standing-only tables, less with round or rectangular guest seating (banquet) tables based on layout.

  • Arch-shaped, multi-paned windows
  • Decorative ceiling & beautiful light fixtures
  • Dimensions: 33' x 49' (main area)


For more information, call (310) 285-2408 or email

City Hall - Municipal Gallery
  • City of Beverly Hills Shield
  • City of Beverly Hills
  • 455 North Rexford Dr
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  • (310) 285-1000
  • Monday-Thursday 7:30AM-5:30PM
  • Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM

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