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Park Ranger Recommendations
Ranger Recommendations

The City of Beverly Hills is a world-class town with some outstanding parks available for recreation and leisure. Despite its relatively small 5.7 square miles, the City maintains a generous amount of green space with an impressive array of amenities. Since no one knows the parks here better than we do, we’d like to take the opportunity to recommend some “hidden gems” that we think are worth a visit. Enjoy!

Want to warm up those knees while you take in the landscape? Though three of our parks have jogging tracks, this one at Coldwater Canyon Park boasts an all-weather rubber lined material that’s level, shock absorbing, and “joint-friendly.” At seven laps to a mile, it’s a shorter track that’s surrounded by colorful landscaping and the sounds of a fountain/stream system.

Coldwater Canyon Park
(south side adjacent Fire Station)
1100 North Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Now that you’re all warmed up, visit La Cienega Park’s fitness stations. These recently installed machines utilize your body weight to provide you with both strength and aerobic exercises. Machines include a chest press, lat pull down, hip twister, and elliptical machine. Our regular users come at all hours of the day to work out while sports activities take place on the adjacent fields.

La Cienega Park
8400 Gregory Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Of course parks are also great for just doing nothing! The lush green landscape at Roxbury Park attracts regular daily sunbathers throughout the summer....Throughout the spring and fall as well for that matter! If the beach is too sandy, Roxbury is a low key and excellent alternative to catch some rays in good company.

Roxbury Park
471 S Roxbury Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


The Beverly Hills sign, located in Beverly Gardens Park, is a world-famous tourist attraction, and the rangers think the 100 year old tree behind it is just as worth visiting. This stately old Moreton Bay Fig has literally grown with Beverly Hills over the years.

Beverly Gardens Park
1300 block of Santa Monica Blvd.
 Available parking on Park Way behind sign.

If you’ve taken us up on our recommendations you deserve some rest and relaxation at the gardens of historic Greystone Park. Don’t forget to make your way to the secluded terrace where you can take in one of the best views of Los Angeles. On a clear day (or think late afternoon when the winds pick up) the view spans from Downtown L.A. to the Pacific Ocean.

Greystone Park
905 Loma Vista Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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