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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

In order to ensure financially secure and effective city government, the mission of the Finance department is to provide sound fiscal analysis, support services, and reporting in an accurate, timely, cost effective, and professional manner to City officials, departments, residents, and businesses.


Finance Department Administration is responsible for the oversight of all Finance activities and staff including Budget and Revenue, Accounting, and Purchasing divisions. 


The Budget Division works with all departments to coordinate and prepare an annual operating, program-based budget, and capital improvement budget. The budget details the services provided, revenue and expenditure estimates, and projections.

General Accounting

The General Accounting Division consists of Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Payroll. General Accounting is responsible for the accurate and fair presentation of the City’s financial transactions in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP), the issuance of City disbursements, and maintaining compliance with City codes.


The Revenue Division works with all departments to administer major revenues. Revenue administration includes: the collection and direct oversight of the City's business and transient occupancy taxes, oversight of property and sales taxes, receipt of payments for utilities and other miscellaneous billing, including customer service activities, and operating a telephone customer service center for the City's utility customers.


The Purchasing Division is the control point of the City’s decentralized purchasing system. This is done through coordinating purchasing related activities with other City departments and outside agencies, and reviewing and evaluating purchasing procedures to ensure an effective and timely workflow. Also, the Purchasing Division acts as the control mechanism, making certain that the City's policies, procedures, and codes are upheld.

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