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During a large-scale emergency, as the police and fire departments tackle the broader issues, individuals may be on their own for 24-72 hours. 

JUST IN CASE BH, with its volunteer and communication structure, provides residents and businesses with a way to be pro-active in their own safety. 

  • The City is identifying and recruiting community members with specific professions and/or training that may be valuable during a disaster or large-scale city emergency. 
  • Students, Scouts, and young adults are welcome to join, with parental permission.  
  • Individuals will be assigned to regional areas in their Zone.

Use the form below to get involved!   *must be a resident, business owner OR work in Beverly Hills 


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If you interested in the roles of Neighborhood Coordinator, Zone Coordinator, and North / South Coordinator, please provide two references and a short explaination of your qualifications in the comment box below.

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**Contact information submitted through this website will be collected and stored by the City of Beverly Hills.  Those indviduals who submit an interest form may be contacted by a member of City staff or by a resident leader of the JUST IN CASE BH program prior to any emergency situation.


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