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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does the Fire Department install car seats?
  • Can I plan a birthday party for my child at the station or can we have a fire engine show up at my party?
  • How do I request a copy of a paramedic report?
  • How do I request a copy of a fire/incident report?
  • How do I make a donation to the Fire Department?
  • What are the requirements to become a firefighter for the City of Beverly Hills?
  • How do I apply to become a firefighter?
  • Where can I take EMT classes?
  • Do you offer CPR or CERT classes?
  • Why are there so many firefighters at medical emergencies and fire safety inspections?
  • I have some old paint, paint thinner, oil and rags in my garage. How do I dispose of these?
  • How do I obtain sandbags to protect my residence/business from flooding?
  • I just received an ambulance bill. Who can I speak to about this?
  • How do I make a complaint about one of your BHFD personnel?
No. The Fire Department does not have personnel certified to assist in car seat installation. For more information on car and booster seat safety, and to find an inspection location near you, please visit
No. However, visitors are welcome for station tours daily from 10:00am-11:30am and 1:00pm-4:00pm depending on personnel availability. You may also attend our open house on Fire Service Day, which is held on the the second Saturday of every May.
Please complete the BHFD Authorization for Use & Disclosure of PCR form below and email to There is a 7-10 business day turnaround for reports. Paramedic reports are medical records that can only be released to the patient with proper ID or to a representative of the patient with a signed release.
Please complete the Public Records Request Form below and email to
To make a donation, please contact Fire Administration at (310) 281-2700 and ask for the BHFD Donation Form (which can also be completed in person at the front desk).
In order to be hired by the Beverly Hills Fire Department, you must first attend a fire academy which is typically 12-16 weeks and be at least a high school graduate, however a college degree is highly valuable. Next you must obtain your Emergency Medical Technician certification to learn basic life saving techniques. This takes a semester and is a requirement since every firefighter also works as an EMT. An option that many candidates choose to make themselves more valuable is to attend paramedic school.
Employment opportunities can be found with the City of Beverly Hills Human Resources. If there are no current job opportunities for firefighter at this time, you may complete a job interest notification request form.
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) classes are offered at local community colleges.
Please contact Beverly Hills CPR at (310) 281-2753 for more information on CPR classes. For information regarding the CERT program, please email or call (310) 281-2754.
Everything that we do requires us to work as a team, whatever the emergency. To arrive very quickly, we must stay together and close to our fire apparatus (vehicles). Your safety and ours depends on the team being together and ready to respond immediately at all times.
The Fire Department cannot pick up household hazardous materials or store them at the fire station if they are left. Household hazardous materials need to be disposed of by taking them to a local county-wide roundup. For a schedule of upcoming dates and sites, call the L.A. County Department of Public Works, toll free, at 1-888-253-2652, Monday through Thursday, for information. In Los Angeles City areas, dial 1-800-988-6942.
Sandbags are provided for city residents and business owners at the City of Beverly Hills Public Works. Please call (310) 285-2467.
Ambulance billing for BHFD is handled by Wittman Enterprises. For billing information or inquiries, please contact them directly at (800) 906-6552.
BHFD considers all complaints important. Please complete the BHFD Complaint Form and mail/fax/or email the form.
BHFD Authorization for Use & Disclosure of PCR
BHFD Complaint Form
HIPAA Notice of Privacy Information
Public Records Request Form
Request for Intradepartment PHI
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