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Past Awardees

The Health and Safety Recognition Program is a monthly awards program that recognizes and honors those individuals, businesses, or groups who have demonstrated leadership in the field of health and safety issues or made a contribution to the mission of the Health and Safety Commission. 



For the month of February, Vice Chair Baker nominated Erin Raftery Ryan, Tim Davis, Adaline Fagen, and Sharon Dunas from the NAMI Westside Los Angeles (National Alliance on Mental Illness) for their leadership in the field of health and safety issues and for contributing to the mission of the Health and Safety Commission.

Feb 2020 Honoree


November 2019

For the month of October, Commissioner Chang nominated James Berkowitz and Jonathan Leon, the smoking outreach Ambassadors from the Beverly Hills Ambassador Team for their efforts in helping to make the no-smoking policy a reality for the City of Beverly Hills. Their goal is to educate, inform, and project hospitality to guests by being persistent, consistent, diplomatic, and tasteful while maintaining the aspirations Beverly Hills has towards better health and well-being and ensuring everyone has the best experience possible while in the City.

Nov 2019 Recognition


October 2019

For the month of October, Commissioner Baker nominated Alison Crowley, Kathleen Ross-Allee, and Brian Kukan. These three individuals have helped to heal members of the Beverly Hills community and beyond.  They all work in the Cancer Community and outside of it as well.  Each adds a bit of alternative health treatment to traditional medicine, and each helps to build one’s personal resilience needed to face challenges of everyday life. This group of practitioners work together and individually to improve the bodies and minds of people of all ages.

 Oct 2019 Recognition


September 2019

For the month of September, Commissioner Demeter nominated former Health and Safety Commissioner Gail Millan for her significant contributions to the health and safety of the community.

Sept 2019 Honoree Pic


June 2019

For the month of June, Chair Gary Ross nominated Elise Knebel for earning the prestigious Girl Scout Gold Award. Open to girls in high school only, the Girl Scout Gold Award is the most prestigious award in the world for girls (and the most difficult to earn), and it’s available exclusively to Girl Scouts. When you earn the Gold Award, you can tackle the issues most important to you. Gold Award Girl Scouts are inspiring leaders who are working on a broad range of the most challenging problems facing our world today.

June 2019 recognition


May 2019

For the month of May, Commissioner Cathy Baker nominated Primo Castro from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network & Coalition Chair, Yaneth Rodriguez from the MPH Institute for Prevention Research Keck School of Medicine USC, Steven Gallegos from the Public Health Policy Advocates, John Yi, the Former Advocacy Director for the American Lung Association, Esther Schiller from Smokefree Air For Everyone (SAFE), and Amanda Staples, the Community Advocacy Director from the American Heart Association.

May Recognition


April 2019: Beverly Hills Active Adult Club Executive Board and Council

For the month of April, Commissioner Myra Lurie nominated the Beverly Hills Active Adult Club Executive Board and Council. This includes President Les Bronte, 1st Vice President Gloria Gordon, 2nd Vice President, Maria Heilpern, Treasurer Lou Milkowski, Secretary Gloria Jennings Milkowski, Sunshine Committee Ethel Yablon and Jeanette Lorin, Entertainment Chair/Past President Winifred Hervey, Fundraising Advisor Ellyn Snowden, Advisor Judie Fenton, and Member at Large Irene Schwartz. The Beverly Hills Active Adult Club has a long and rich history of serving the local community through social, recreational, educational and volunteer opportunities. Throughout the year the Club sponsors a variety of events including dances, concerts, excursions, luncheons, movies and socials. Its purpose is to enrich the lives of older persons through educational, cultural and social activities.

April Recognition - Final


March 2019: Rabbi Michy Rav-Noy, Executive Director, and Miriam Rav-Noy, Program Director, from Friendship Circle Los Angeles

For the month of March, Commissioner Myra Demeter nominated Rabbi Michy Rav-Noy, Executive Director, and Miriam Rav-Noy, Program Director, from the Friendship Circle Los Angeles. The Friendship Circle's mission is (1) to provide Jewish children who have special needs with a full range of social, recreational, educational and Judaic experiences; (2) to provide their parents with respite and support; and (3) to enrich, inspire and motivate Jewish teenagers through sharing of themselves with others.

Recognition March 2019


February 2019: The Beverly Hills High School Soccer Group and IsraAID Humanitarian Professionals Network (IHPN)

For the month of February, Chair Gary Ross nominated The Beverly Hills High School Soccer Group for playing a game to raise money for cancer. This includes the following individuals:

Donna Rosen - Chairman of the Board for the Tower Cancer Research Foundation

Feb 2019 Donna Rosen


Beverly Hills High School Varsity Girls Soccer Captains - Angela Bradbury, Dani Elitzur, Kayla Shadgoo, and Lauren Stein
Beverly Hills High School Varsity Boys Soccer Captains - Iden Azad, Omer Cohen, and Jonah Okum

Feb. 2019 Kids Soccer Group


Beverly Hills High School Athletics and Soccer Coaching Staff - Chris Braga, Rinaldi Djafar, Tim Ellis, Ryan Franks, and Michael Sun

Feb 2019 Coach staff


"Imagine A Cure" Committee Membership and Volunteers - Committee Leader Patti Stein, Romi Azevedo, Kristi Bradbury, Alex Grossman, Tanis Harris, Jon Johnson, Marjaneh Manavi, Ali Norman-Franks, and Laurie Okum

Feb 2019 Imagine a Cure


For the month of February, Vice Chair Daniel Nazarian, DMD nominated the IsraAID Humanitarian Professionals Network (IHPN), including their Humanitarian Professionals Network Director Farah D. Shamolian MPH, their Director of Outreach and Engagement Rachel Wallace, and their Chairman of the Board Sherry Weinman.

Feb 2019 IsraAID



January 2019: The Beverly Hills High School Medical Science Academy

For the month of January, Chair Gary Ross nominated the Beverly Hills High School Medical Science Academy including Coordinator Colleen Lynch, and students Sophia Cohen, Penelope LaPaglia, Jason Mirharooni, and Leonardo Padilla for their anti-smoking efforts, including speaking at the Health and Safety Commission meetings and City Council meetings on smoking cessation.

Recognition Jan. 2019


December 2018: The Entire Beverly Hills Police Department

For the month of December, Commissioner Lisa Kay Schwartz nominated the entire Beverly Hills Police Department for their commitment, support, and attention to health and safety initiatives, and dedication to the City and its residents. They have increased work in the areas of distracted driving, traffic, and pedestrian safety.

December 2018 Awardee


November 2018: Sandy Pressman

For the month of November, Commissioner Myra Lurie nominated Sandy Pressman. Sandy is a dedicated individual involved in many community service and philanthropy based groups including the Rotary Club of Beverly Hills, LA Philharmonic, Cedars-Sinai Advisory Council of the Arts, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles County Grand Park Foundation Board, Street Symphony, and many others. Additionally, she is a former Fine Arts Commissioner and a current Design Review Commissioner for Beverly Hills.

Recognition Nov. 2018


October 2018: CERT Instructors

For the month of October, Vice Chair Gary Ross nominated CERT Instructors Peter Landau, Alex Kay, Pamela Meadow, David Seidel, and Les Bronte. CERT training teaches people to act and respond in emergency situations to help themselves and others.

Health and Safety Commission Recognition October 2018


September 2018: Beverly Hills Public Library Homebound Program

For the month of September, Chair Myra Demeter nominated Asher Waxman, Charles Coffman, Ed Bautista, Ida Nalbandian, Max Koretskiy, and Steven Chavez, members of the Beverly Hills Library Homebound Services Team. Beverly Hills Public Library Homebound Services offers free delivery service of library materials to Beverly Hills residents who are unable to come to the library in person.

September 2018


July 2018: S.W. "Bill" DiSalvo

For the month of July, Commissioner Daniel Nazarian nominated S. W. "Bill" DiSalvo. Bill has been the representative of the City of Beverly Hills as a Trustee on the Los Angeles County West Vector & Vector-Borne Disease Control District, since 1992. He was the first to promote the regular and continuous training of the Beverly Hills Fire, Police and Public Works employees with respect to vector & public health safety. Also, Bill was the first to champion and promote the beginning of the Africanized Honey Bees (AHB) program over 20 years ago.

July 2018


June 2018: Stop the Bleed

For the month of June, Vice Chair Gary Ross nominated the Stop the Bleed program. Mayor Julian Gold joined the Commission in honoring the Stop the Bleed program and commended the program’s mission to educate and train residents as first responders. Awardees from L to R: Brett Dodd from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Les Bronte from BH CPR, Fire Department Chief Gregory Barton and EMS Administrator Sean Stokes from Beverly Hills Fire Department.

 June 2018


May 2018: Mark Mead

For the month of May, Commissioner Lisa Kay Schwartz nominated Principal Mark Mead of Beverly Hills High School (BHHS). Principal Mead advocates for the health and safety of the 1,500 students who attend BHHS. Every morning, he is outside the campus at 6:00am to welcome students and make sure the safety zones around the campus are running smoothly. Also, he has continued the Every 15-Minute Program, which provides life-saving educational outreach to students and parents about the importance of making good choices regarding drinking and driving or riding.

May 2018


April 2018: Ali Norman-Franks

For the month of April, Chair Myra Demeter and Commissioner Myra Lurie nominated Ali Norman-Franks. In 2008, Ms. Norman-Franks established the Norman Aid Center on the campus of Beverly Hills High School where she and a team of Maple Counselors, Pupil Personnel Service interns, and peer counselors help with a range of student needs through crisis management and mental health education throughout the school.

April 2018


February 2018: American Red Cross

For the month of February, Commissioner Daniel Nazarian nominated the American Red Cross in honor of March as American Red Cross month. The American Red Cross Los Angeles Region has appointed a Community Ambassador for Beverly Hills. This Ambassador serves as a liaison and point of contact for our community. Please support the American Red Cross during the month of March by volunteering, taking a class, or giving blood.

 February 2018


January 2018: Teen Line

For the month of January, Vice Chair Gary Ross nominated Teen Line, a hot line run by mental health professionals out of Cedars Sinai and manned by volunteer teen listeners. Teen callers share topics dealing with a wide range of emotional issues. Teen listeners provide a comforting ear to their peers.

January 2018


December 2017: BHUSD Crossing Guards

For the month of December, Commissioner Lisa Kay Schwartz nominated All City Management Services - BHUSD Crossing Guards.  The crossing guards were recognized for their support and dedication in ensuring students, staff, and residents are safe while crossing City streets.

December 2017


November 2017: Music Mends Minds

For the month of November, Commissioner Myra Lurie nominated Music Mends Minds, a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the lives of patients with dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, traumatic brain injury, stroke and PTSD through the healing power of music.  

November 2017


October 2017: Dr. Louis Ignarro

For the month of October, Vice Chair Demeter nominated Dr. Louis Ignarro.  His wife, Dr. Sharon Ignarro, accepted a certificate on his behalf awarded in recognition for his discovery that nitric oxide is an  important signaling compound that helps the body regulate key functions such as blood pressure and preventing blood clots that could cause strokes. Dr. Louis Ignarro was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1998 for this contribution.  

October 2017


September 2017: USC Hillel

For the month of September, Chair Daniel Nazarian nominated the USC Hillel Center.  Bailey London, Executive Director of USC Hillel Center, along with members of the Board of Directors for the Wellness Center, Deborah Kallick and Sharona Nazarian, were presented with a certificate of recognition in honor of their work to engage and support all Jewish students at USC who are away from home for the first time in their lives making independent decisions.

September 2017


June 2017: Leon's Beverly Hills

For the month of June, Commissioner Lisa Kay Schwartz nominated Leon Haytayan of Leon’s Beverly Hills for his annual donation of three prize watches to the Vahagn Setian Memorial 5K Run/Walk. Leon’s Beverly Hills has been established in the City for sixteen years and is a supportive and integral member of the business community. 

June 2017


June 2017: Silverado Memory Care Community

In honor of June as Alzheimer’s Awareness month, Commissioner Lisa Kay Schwartz and James Latta, Human Services Administrator, nominated Valerie Lehrer of the Silverado Memory Care Community. As the Family Ambassador of the Care Community, Ms. Lehrer educates families on how structured therapy, activities, and trained caregivers can help Alzheimer’s patients create new lives and new memories.

June 2017 2


April 2017: Tower Cancer Research Foundation

For the month of April, Commissioner Myra Lurie nominated Tower Cancer Research Foundation with a recognition certificate in honor of their work in cancer research and cancer patient support classes. LA Can Survive, one of the Foundation’s programs, is dedicated to providing free wellness classes to cancer survivors and their loved ones. Classes help participants develop an emotional and physical toolkit to manage the challenges of the disease. Present to receive the certificate were Linda David, Executive Director, and Nancy Mishkin, Board Chair.

April 2017


March 2017: Gary S. Greene, Esq.

For the month of March, Vice Chair Myra Demeter nominated Gary S. Greene, Esq. with a recognition certificate commending his musical accomplishments and honoring his work as a founder of Legal Voices of the Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic, a 100-voice chorus composed of lawyers, judges, law students, and legal staff. As a testament to the health benefits of musical expression, Mr. Greene says, “My colleagues in law find that playing in the orchestra and big band and singing in the chorus relax and revitalize them, especially after a stressful day in the office or in court. It’s enjoyable and a healthy way to spend an evening.”

March 2017


February 2017: Hatzolah of Los Angeles

For the month of February, Chair Daniel Nazarian nominated Hatzolah of Los Angeles for their life saving work. In the event of a disaster or emergency, Hatzolah LA works in partnership with the City of Beverly Hills, under the direction of the Fire Department, with first aid, basic life support and triage support to those who are ill, injured and wounded.

February 2017


December 2016: Officer Christophe LeLong

For the month of December, Commissioner Gary Ross nominated Officer Christophe LeLong for his successful efforts in saving a life by using the Heimlich Maneuver.

December 2016


October 2016: Karen Setian and Ida Nalbandian

For the month of October, Commissioner Gary Ross nominated Karen Setian and Ida Nalbandian for their significant roles in raising awareness of distracted and drunk driving and efforts towards making the Beverly Hills community a safer place.

October 2016


September 2016: Josh Gross and Isabel Hacker

For the month of September, Commissioner Dr. Myra Demeter, Ph.D. nominated Josh Gross and Isabel Hacker for their significant roles in the stem cell donor program. 

September 2016


August 2016

There was no Health and Safety Commission meeting for the month of August.


July 2016: Fred Zaidman, Michael Blumenfeld, and Jeff Horn

For the month of July, Commissioner Myra Lurie nominated Fred Zaidman, Michael Blumenfeld, and Jeff Horn of the Cedars-Sinai Blood Donor Program for their extensive donation histories.

July 2016


June 2016: Rob Karlin and Dr. Carmen Bertoni

Chair Schwartz nominated Rob Karlin, owner of Los Angeles Funeral Service, licensed Funeral Director and friends of former Health and Safety Commissioner Karen Setian. Mr. Karlin was honored for his work with Karen Setian’s family during their time of need and participation in the annual "Every 15 Minutes” program.

 Vice-Chair Nazarian nominated Dr. Carmen Bertoni a geneticist, an associate Professor at UCLA, and a member of The Neuromuscular Disease Foundation (NDF)'s Scientific Advisory Committee. Dr. Bertoni was honored for her work with NDF to advance research, treatments and therapies in the quest for a cure for GNE Myopathy (HIBM).

NDF is a nonprofit public charity dedicated to funding clinical research, creating awareness, education and prevention and genetic screenings for neuromuscular diseases, including GNEM, and to serving its patient population and their families with advocacy at every level.

June 2016 (1)

June 2016 (2)



May 2016:

There were no recipients for the month of May.



April 2016: Kurt Schmalzbach

For the month of April, Chair Schwartz nominated Mr. Kurt Schmalzbach, who has worked for the Beverly Hills Unified School District since 2005 and is currently a math teacher at Beverly Hills High School. Chair Schwartz commended Mr. Schmalzbach for his role in helping save the life of a student.

April 2016


March 2016: Beverly Hills Public Library Adult Literacy STAR Program

For the month of March, Commissioner Demeter nominated the Beverly Hills Public Library Adult Literacy STAR (Start Today and Read) Program, which helps adult learners (ages 18 and over) to improve their reading, writing, and comprehension skills. The services are free and learners are matched with a volunteer tutor. For more information about the program, contact the Literacy office at 310-288-2207.

 April 2016


February 2016: Chiron Center Crisis Response Team

Commissioner Lurie nominated the Chiron Center Crisis Response Team for the month of February. The Crisis Response Team (CRT) is a program of the non-profit Chiron Center, Inc., providing free, 24/7, 365, on-scene information, support, and referrals to those affected by a trauma or serious loss during the initial hours after an incident in the Beverly Hills community. Services are provided to survivors, witnesses, and loved ones representing all ages, cultures, spiritual traditions, and backgrounds free of charge through a generous Beverly Hills Community Assistance grant and other supporting grants and donations. Volunteers Honorable Barry Brucker, Bonnie Cacavas, Judy Spigelman, and Michelle Upchurch attended to represent the organization.

February 2016


January 2016: Hon. Les Bronte, Alex Kay, Peter Landau, Pam Meadow, David Seidel

Vice-Chair Nazarian nominated CERT instructors Hon. Les Bronte, Alex Kay, Peter Landau, Pam Meadow, and David Seidel for their efforts with the CERT program. The Community Emergency Response Team Training is to prepare residents to take care of themselves, their family members, and neighbors when a disaster occurs.

The program educates people about disaster preparedness and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. After taking the training, individuals are better prepared to respond to and cope with the aftermath of a disaster. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help.

The program has been lead by the Office of Emergency Management with the support of the Fire Department and strong volunteer leadership.

January 2016


November 2015: Henry Steiman, Charles McCollum, Kelly Hudson

Commissioner Ross nominated Henry Steiman, Charles McCollum, and Kelly Hudson - all crossing guards who safeguard Beverly Hills schools. Henry Steiman presides over Hawthorne Elementary School, Charles McCollum at Beverly Vista Elementary School, and Kelly Hudson is District Supervisor of the Crossing Guard Company.   They contribute to the health and safety of our youth and families by showing up day in and day out, rain or shine to ensure children arrive into school safely.

November 2015


October 2015: Dr. Anthony Sokol, MD and Barbara Sokol

Chair Lurie nominated Tony and Barbara Sokol.   They have worked for many years with various organizations, including Operation Smile, traveling throughout the world to provide facial reconstruction surgery to children with facial deformities.

 October 2015


September 2015: Dream Street Foundation

 Dream Street brother and sister co-founders Billy and Patty Grubman were honored at the September meeting. Dream Street provides nationwide camping programs for children with chronic and life threatening illnesses. Funded by the Dream Street Foundation, children with cancer, blood disorders and other diseases are given the opportunity to enjoy activities they would normally be restricted from due to their illness. Dream Street is a public non-profit corporation.

 For those children who require medicine daily or several times a day, the usual sleep-away camp is not sufficiently sophisticated to handle their medical needs. At Dream Street, volunteer counselors and a full-time medical staff are on hand to spend endless hours with any child who needs special help and love. Over 750 children and young adults attend Dream Street’s programs each summer. The camp sessions are free of charge to the campers who attend and there are no paid salaries within the Dream Street Foundation.

 For more information about Dream Street, please visit

September 2015


July 2015: Pets Offering Ongoing Care and Healing Program (POOCH)

Dogs and their owners in the POOCH Program provide a wide range of services throughout Cedars-Sinai Hospital. With their unconditional love and acceptance, dogs offer heartwarming and supportive experiences to patients and their family members — unlike anything experienced within human relationships. Director of Volunteer Services Barbara Leanse along with volunteers Mark and Max Friedman attended the meeting to accept the award.

The activities of POOCH volunteers include:

  • Gentle play
  • Walking with patients
  • Visiting patients to provide emotional support
  • Visiting family members in the surgical lobby
  • Letting patients brush and pet the dog
  • Representing Cedars-Sinai in community outreach activities

 July 2015



June 2015: The Maple Counseling Center

Executive Director, Marcy Kaplan and First VP John Jameson attended the June commission meeting to accept the award.  The Maple Counseling Center offers a range of services and low cost comprehensive mental health services for individuals, couples, families, adolescents and children throughout Los Angeles County.

The Maple Counseling Center


May 2015: "Challenger Division" of Beverly Hills Little League

The "Challenger Division" of Beverly Hills Little League is specifically designed so that mentally and physically disabled players can get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and play a game of baseball. They play a form of baseball called, "Buddy Baseball," in which players with disabilities are shadowed by a "buddy" who assists them by batting, fielding balls, running the bases, and cheering them on. It is something that has to be seen to be believed -PURE JOY. 

The division plays on Sundays at La Cienega Park (North Field) at 3:15 p.m. They start by gathering at home plate and singing the National Anthem, followed by a couple of innings. At the seventh inning stretch, you will hear everyone singing, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." This group allows these individuals to get some exercise in a safe environment. It is one of the most joyful and inspiring things to watch!



April 2015: Honorable Lili Bosse

As part of the Healthy City Initiatives, the Honorable Lili Bosse started weekly "Walk with the Mayor" walks on Monday mornings for community members. This event attracted 100-200 people a week. She began the program as a healthy activity for residents, community members and visitors. Also, these walks allowed interaction with local businesses, government and City staff. A few other programs and activities held as part of the Healthy City Initiative were highlighted, including seven brown bag nutritional lunch programs and an "Eat Well" healthy restaurant initiative. 



March 2015: Factor's Famous Deli (Suzee, Debbie and Marvin Markowitz)

Suzee, Debbie and Marvin Markowitz of Factor's Famous Deli were nominated for their contribution to the "Every Fifteen Minutes" program held on February 26, 2015. The family, long-term residents of Beverly Hills, have contributed and donated to a variety of City activities and programs over the years. The "Every Fifteen Minutes" program is an educational experience that reminds members of the dangers associated with driving while impaired and texting. The program is conducted for teenagers and families around the world. 



February 2015: Linda Berghoff

The Health and Safety Commission inaugurated their new awards program by recognizing longtime Beverly Hills resident Linda Berghoff at their meeting on February 23rd. Berghoff started a local program called Dance for Parkinson's. 

Berghoff first learned of Dance for Parkinson's a few years ago, after being diagnosed with the degenerative disease. Started by the Mark Morris Dance Group, Dance for Parkinson's is a nationally recognized program that helps minimize the most debilitating symptoms of Parkinson's, which include depression, isolation, and loss of balance. 

Berghoff formed a partnership with Invertigo Dance Theatre, based in Beverly Hills, to offer the program free of charge to Parkinson's patients in the Los Angeles area. Hundreds of Parkinson's patients have since then enrolled in the program. Berghoff teaches Parkinson's movement classes twice a week. 


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