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2023 Labor Negotiations


In accordance with state law, the City of Beverly Hills participates in labor negotiations (also known as collective bargaining) with its employee associations, or bargaining units. The results of these negotiations processes are written agreements, or contracts, reached between the City and the City employee associations. These agreements are commonly referred to as Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Additionally, the terms and benefits of employment for executive and senior management employees in the City are governed by an executive compensation plan or employment agreement.

There are nine represented employee associations within the City. The MOUs of the following six groups are set to expire in October, 2023: Municipal Employees Association, Municipal Employees Association Part-Time, Management and Professional, Safety Support, Supervisors and Confidential.

In 2014, the Beverly Hills City Council adopted a Civic Openness in Negotiations "COIN" ordinance in order to provide additional impartiality and transparency to the collective bargaining process. The Ordinance includes the following provisions: (1) Adoption of the MOU only after conducting at least two public meetings, (2) Fiscal analysis conducted by an independent firm and (3) the MOU and fiscal analysis are to be posted on the City’s website at least two weeks before the Council meeting at which the proposed MOU is considered.

In accordance with the COIN ordinance, the first public meeting for the upcoming Employee Labor Negotiations occurred during the City Council Meeting on February 21, 2023 (a video presentation of this meeting can be accessed through this link). In addition, a community meeting to inform the public of the upcoming labor negotiations was held on February 9, 2023. The video of this presentation can be accessed here and a power point presentation can be found here.


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