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Using the Code Library

American Legal Publishing provides free access to view and search more than 2000 municipal codes nationwide. The Code Library exists first and foremost as a research tool. Please contact your local municipality if you have any questions related to the specific content that you see. While American Legal Publishing codifies and hosts materials for municipalities, our support staff is not able to provide the general public with legal interpretations of the code materials.

Searching the Code Library

  • Search is accessed through the icon at the top right of the screen. In addition, Advanced Filters can be applied to allow for more robust searches. • Searches usually make use of a keyword or phrase or number. If searching for a hyphenated word or section numbering surround the search term in “ ”(ex. “5.1-1″) •
  • You have the option of checking a box to show text excerpts with your search results for additional information surrounding the term or subject. •
  • Use the Clear Search button to start a new search.

Advanced Filters

Filter options allow searches for exact phrases, synonyms, word stems and more. Filters can also search the entire code or narrow your search to specific portions of the code by using the check boxes that appear in the drop-down box. You can even refine searches to include multiple municipalities at once.


The Advanced Filters let you:

  • easily search for exact phrases, word combinations, synonyms and more.
  • narrow your search to specific portions of the code by using the check boxes that appear in the drop-down search menu

You can select to search to ALL the codes in any state, even ALL the codes in the code library. This can help you find similar provisions in other municipalities or find model provisions. To use this feature, type in your search terms and then use the Advanced Filters to choose how to apply your search.


You can type in the name of the code you want in the search field for fast access.

You can choose individual codes within a state.


You can refine your search to certain passages in each municipality by clicking on the pencil icon. It will take you to that municipality and let you select specific sections to search.


Sharing Material from the Code Library


Share: Share lets you copy the URL and save it in your browser. Or share link to your email


Download: Download gives you the option to save information in a variety of formats: HTML, RTF, Text, Mobi, Epub, and PDF. Choose the material you want to download from the drop-down box, select download, then indicate the format you desire.

Bookmark Bookmark: You can set a bookmark or obtain a URL for a code. Click the icon and name your bookmark. You can add your bookmark to your user account for easy reference or copy the URL and save it in your browser.
Priting  Printing: A drop-down box will let you select the sections you wish to print.

User Accounts 

Sign up for a FREE User Account. A user account allows you to save searches, bookmark codes, receive notifications when codes you follow are updated online, and annotate codes with notes.


Prior Code Versions and Code Comparison

Some municipalities keep prior versions of their code in the library for quick, easy reference. The availability of this information is indicated in a dropdown menu above the Table of Contents on the overview page for the code. If a municipality has prior versions of their code available, users can compare code versions to see where/what changes were made by clicking the toggle arrow icon. Changes between the 2 codes will be highlighted in the document frame throughout the code.



How do I navigate in a code online?

Use the Table of Contents in the left frame and click on the plus sign (+) or the minus sign (-) next to any entry to either expand or collapse the Table of Contents as needed. I need to see the actual ordinance that amends a section of the code. How can I find it online? American Legal Publishing codifies ordinances provided by the municipality. If you know the ordinance number you can use the Quick or Advanced Search options to search for it. However, this will only show you the text as it has been added to the code. If you need a copy of the exact legislation you should contact your Municipality directly to request it.

My municipality recently passed legislation but I can’t find it online. Can you help?

Most codes contained within the Code Library are only as current as the material that the municipality has provided to us. You can check to see how current a code is by looking at the first page. All codes should indicate the last piece of legislation received along with a date of passage or adoption, if known. This information tells you how up-to-date a code is. If you are looking for material passed by legislation more current than this, please contact your Municipality to obtain a copy.

Is there a list of ordinances not yet codified into a code that I can view? Some municipalities do have a list of ordinances not yet codified posted online. This will usually appear as a link on the first page and will be called Advanced Legislative Service, New Ordinances, or something similar. Our staff is available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST. Call us at 1-800-445-5588 and ask to speak with our Support staff or send us an email at any time at


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