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The search eld located on most View pages allows viewers to search through every public archive for specific keywords or phrases. The search then returns a set of links to media that reference the keywords.

Content Searched

The search engine looks through all meeting data contained in the Public Archives. The following items and fields are searched:

  • Agenda items, notes, motions, votes, roll calls
  • Keywords, names, Description fields
  • Suggested Actions and Department fields Search Limitations The following are limitations in the search feature: When entering partial words, you have to enter four characters or more

Search Limitations

The following are limitations in the search feature:

  • When entering partial words, you have to enter four characters or more
  • The search engine does not read through any document attached to an item (Word document, PDF, etc.)

Using the Search Field.

  1. Enter a keyword in the search field.
  2. Confirm a search results page appears with a list of entries. If you did not receive any results, try a different keyword or phrase.
  3. Click any of the underlined results to launch the media.
  • If the keyword is in an Item that has a timestamp, clicking the Item displays the video at the point the keyword is mentioned.
  • If the keyword is in an Item that does not have a timestamp, only the View Video link will appear. Click the View Video link to start the video at the beginning of the recording.

Advanced Search Techniques

Use the following advanced search techniques to maximize your search results.

Minus Sign (-)

The minus sign helps you search for only one of the keywords that may make up a compound word or phrase.

Example: To search for Items that contain the word "city" but not the word "hall", enter "city-hall" in the search field.

Plus sign (+)

To search for Items that must contain a certain word, use the plus sign (+) in your search query.

Example: Searches generally ignore words such as "the" and "an". To include conjunctions, pronouns, and other general words in your search, enter "+the mayor" in the search field.



The Asterisk (*)

Use the asterisk at the end of a keyword to nd all the results beginning with the keyword.

Example: Enter council* to return results containing words such as "council," "councils," or "councilmember."


Quotation Marks (")

Search for an exact phrase by enclosing the phrase in quotation marks.

Example: Enter "planning department" within quotation marks in the search eld to return results containing only the phrase planning department.


Subscribe to an RSS Search Feed 

You can be notified by an RSS Feed when a pre-defined search term appears in new content.

To subscribe to an RSS feed of content containing a keyword, complete the following steps:

  1. Enter the keyword, ex. "Petitions", in the search field on the View page.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. Confirm the search results open. If the search returned no results, enter a different keyword or phrase.
  4. Click the Agenda or Action/Minutes link to subscribe to the corresponding RSS Feed.

Note: The following steps may vary depending on the internet browser you are using.

  1. Confirm an RSS Feed page opens.
  2. Click the Subscribe to this Feed option.
  3. Click the Subscribe button.
  4. Confirm you receive a message stating "You've successfully subscribed to this feed."


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