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CSC Annual Reports

The CSC Annual Report is generated to familiarize the City and the community with all of the important accomplishments of the Charitable Solicitations Commission throughout the given calendar year.

The primary responsibility of the Commission is to ensure the compliance of charitable organizations that solicit donations or funds from the residents of Beverly Hills. Compliance with established permitting guidelines helps to protect our community from fraudulent, fictitious or otherwise unscrupulous solicitations. It also serves to keep the community aware of the many charitable events being held in Beverly Hills. The Commission, in close cooperation with the Police Department, regulates the issuance of solicitation permits, reviews financial statements provided by the charities, and maintains a dedicated website for the public to obtain information regarding permitted solicitations.

Detailed information collected throughout the year regarding permits, charitable organizations, and financial data is presented on the following pages. The report summarizes all available information regarding permitted and unpermitted charitable solicitations which occurred during the given calendar year.

Staff will follow-up on pending financial statements and reports of unpermitted charitable solicitations until all organizations comply with the City’s Charitable Solicitations Ordinance or until they are referred to Code Enforcement for appropriate action.

2016 CSC Annual Report

2017 CSC Annual Report

2018 CSC Annual Report

2019 CSC Annual Report

2020 CSC Annual Report

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