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Calling the Police

Calls for general police services such as parking problems, construction or loud parties should be reported on the non-emergency telephone line at (310) 550-4951 or (310) 550-4952.

For parking complaints call 310-550-4875.


When to Call 911

911 is dedicated to calls for emergency aid and crimes in progress such as imminent threat to life, bodily injury, or major property damage or loss.  A home burglary in progress, person with a gun, traffic accident, fires or calls for paramedic services are all examples of emergencies.

When Reporting an Emergency, be ready to answer these questions:

  • Where is the emergency?  Be prepared to give complete location information, including the nearest cross street, to the dispatcher.  Locations must always be verified by the dispatcher, as landline addresses are sometimes incorrect.
  • Speak slowly and clearly while explaining the type of emergency you are reporting.
  • Stay on the line while the dispatcher processes your call.  You may need to provide additional information or receive instructions from the dispatcher.  The answers you provide are entered into a computer, and broadcasted to emergency service personnel by another dispatcher. 
  • The dispatcher will request your name and location.  You do not have to identify yourself when you are reporting a crime, unless you are the victim of the crime.


Calling 911 from a Cell Phone

Calling 9-1-1 from a landline phone is not the same as calling from a cellular phone. It is important to note that GPS (Global Positioning System ) technology does NOT work with the 9-1-1 system. Cellular phones utilize a different technology with the 9-1-1 system that provides approximate location information to the Beverly Hills Communications Bureau. It is also important to understand that cellular sites often cross city lines and jurisdictions, and therefore calls made within the City of Beverly Hills may be directed to another agency.  Callers are advised to always know and be able to communicate their location to an emergency operator.

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