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Comments, Complaints & Commendations Instructions


Complaint Process
Complaints of misconduct or improper job performance may be lodged at any time to any member of the Department. You may submit a complaint online using the form below. If you complete an online submission, you will receive a copy of your complaint by email.

Alternatively, you may make a complaint in person, over the telephone, or by completing a hard copy Personnel Complaint Form. Hard copy complaint forms are maintained in the public area of the police facility and are also accessible by clicking HERE
As an alternative, citizens not wishing to file a complaint with the Police Department may do so with the City of Beverly Hills Human Relations Commission.

The supervisor receiving the complaint will ask the complainant to provide as much information as possible. This complaint will then be investigated thoroughly and in a timely and professional manner. The investigation will consist of taking formal statements from all persons involved and the gathering of any evidence or any other information related to the incident. Once completed, the investigation will be reviewed by a Commanding Officer who will determine a finding for each allegation of misconduct. The Commanding Officer will then make his/her recommendation to the Chief of Police who will then render a final decision concerning the disposition of the complaint. The complainant will be notified of the disposition within thirty (30) days of the final decision.

Any questions regarding the complaint procedures may be directed to the Professional Standards Unit, Office of the Chief of Police, at (310) 285-2112 or (310) 285-2127.

Commendation Process
The Department prides itself in providing excellent customer service.  We welcome any positive feedback or comments related to an interaction with one or more of our employees during the performance of their duties.  Please check the Commendation box below and provide any relevant information of your experience.

Comments Process
General comments, concerns or questions regarding any matter related to the Police Department may be lodged by selecting the Comment box below.

Complaints of racial or identity profiling based upon race, color, ethinicity, national origin, age, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or mental or physical disability against the Beverly Hills Police Department may be noted on this form.
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