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Jail Pay to Stay Program


The Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD) offers a court commitment “Pay to Stay” program.  The program offers individuals an alternative to serving time in a county jail facility. With the approval of the sentencing Court, a jail sentence can be served in the safe, clean, and secure environment of the Beverly Hills Police Department’s Jail facility.


What are the immediate disqualifications?

In addition to health and medical requirements, a sentenced individual will not be accepted into the “Pay to Stay” program if he or she has a history of violence (Any Felony charges, convicted or not), is a sex, drug or arson registrant or has a situation or condition that may endanger the health, safety or welfare of the other “Pay to Stay” inmates or the Jail staff.


Who is eligible for the “Pay to Stay” program?

Any sentenced individual who meets all of the following criteria is eligible to participate in the “Pay to Stay” program:

  1. Has the approval of the sentencing Court to serve their jail time in a municipal facility in Los Angeles County;
  2. Is able to provide proof of good health and has no infectious disease;
  3. A T.B. test is required with a "negative" result, along with a doctor's note stating that "You are in good health to participate in our program."
  4. Meets the booking and housing requirements for the BHPD Jail.


What are the booking and housing requirements?

The individual applying for the “Pay to Stay” program will also be required to sign a waiver (Medical Treatment Release Agreement) relieving the City of Beverly Hills from incurring any expenses associated with emergency or non-emergency medical treatment needed or requested by the individual while in custody. The applicant will also be required to sign an agreement to adhere to the Rules and Conditions of Confinement while serving time and, if authorized by the Court for work furlough, an agreement to adhere to the Conditions of Work Furlough.


How much does it cost to participate in the “Pay to Stay” program?

The fee is $116.00 per calendar day. All fees will be paid in advance.  Depending on the length of the sentence, a weekly payment schedule may be developed by the Jail Supervisor.  All required payments must be made in the form of either a cashier’s check or money order or cash.


How is Jail time served?

The sentencing structure for each individual is based on the Court Order and the guidelines or directives provided in the Court Order.  The Court may sentence an individual to serve: Straight Time (i.e.  serve consecutive days), Weekends, or Work Furlough (serve the sentence at night, after the individual’s regular work day). It should be noted that a 24 hour period in custody constitutes one day of “served” time.


What are the housing and other accommodations for Program inmates?

All “Pay to Stay” program inmates will be housed in individual cells, in a larger cell block designated for “Pay to Stay” inmates, and segregated from the general Jail population (pre-arraigned custodies). “Pay to Stay” inmates will also share common areas such as the “dayroom,” the cell block area, shower facilities and telephones.  The BHPD Jail does not have a gym.  Also, the entire BHPD facility, including the Jail, is a “no smoking” facility.

While serving time in the Beverly Hills Jail Facility, the inmate serving time will not be permitted to receive telephone calls or personal mail.  Inmates will have the ability to make outgoing collect calls.

Visitation will be allowed during Weekends and Holidays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM in one hour increments.


What personal property will be allowed into the Jail facility?

A list of authorized property will be provided at time of application.  All “Pay to Stay” program inmates will be allowed to bring clean clothes, a pair of slip-on shoes with no laces, a pair of shower shoes, glasses or contact lenses, one key, photo identification, a non-expensive watch, a maximum of $50.00 in cash, travel-size toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant, contact lens solution, appropriate reading material, a pillowcase, and pillow, blankets and a sleeping bag.  

Inmates are allowed to bring in their own food in the form of commercially pre-packaged and sealed frozen meals.


Cellular Phones

Inmates are NOT be permitted to possess a cell phone, laptop or any other telecommunication device while in custody.


NOTE: An individual who has been authorized for work furlough will need to obtain approval from the Jail Supervisor or authorized designee to bring additional items that may be needed for work.

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