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Protecting Trees During Construction

This information will help you through the process when you need to protect a City tree during construction. A City tree is defined as any tree located with a parkway, easement or other public area and any tree on the protected tree list regardless of its location. More details can be found in a City brochure on protecting trees during construction.

Here is a list of permits and/or approvals typically required from different departments:

  • Tree Mitigation Plan,to protect trees during construction. (Recreation and Parks)
  • Building permit, if protective fencing is required. (Building and Safety)
  • Public right-of-way use permit, if a tree removal will require the closure of the sidewalk, curb lane, or street right-of-way. (Civil Engineering)
  • Heavy haul permit, if vehicles that exceed 6,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight are used to move the tree; e.g., boom lift, snorkel lift, scissors lift or crane. (Civil Engineering)

The City of Beverly Hills regards its "urban forest" as a valuable historic and aesthetic resource. Trees, particularly protected species, are to be safeguarded throughout excavation and construction. The tree protection plan is reviewed to make sure that it is carried out with no danger to the public. Without oversight by the City, many old and beautiful trees might be killed or damaged during a construction project.

The information we need from you depends on the extent of your project but the following are some of the things we look for when protecting the city's trees:

  • A tree mitigation plan that includes details of how you will protect the trees. An arborist will review construction plans to make sure that the trees will survive.
  • An indemnity bond that includes the cost to replace any mature trees that may be harmed by the construction project.
  • Three sets of plans that include a site-plot showing the layout of the event with respect to nearby streets and buildings and structural details that includes size, height and method of attachments.
  • Proof of consensus from affected businesses that they support the event.
  • Certificate of insurance, which includes the City of Beverly Hills listed as additionally insured.
  • Information on the size of electrical loads.

Additional information can be found in a City brochure on protecting trees during construction. To get started on this process, contact Public Wortks at (310) 285-2467.

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