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Electrical Resiliency

Reliable and resilient electricity helps us access the essential goods and services we need on a day-to-day basis, during severe weather and environmental conditions, and during other unexpected extreme events. Resources that improve electrical resiliency for your home or business include energy efficiency, solar power, energy storage, microgrids, and mobile generators. With these resources we can better resist and withstand power supply interruptions, reduce impacts to people and communities, and improve recovery times in the face of extreme events. These resources can also promote a greener Beverly Hills through the use of renewable energy - and lower energy costs! Learn more about what the City is doing to improve electrical resiliency and see what steps you can take to become more energy resilient.

Beverly Hills is committed to sustainability and energy resilience to protect our environment.  Find helpful resources below to provide you with a pathway to resilience.

 potential INCENTIVES

*Clean Power Alliance Power Response Program - Residents with battery energy storage or a smart thermostat can receive financial incentives for modifying energy equipment during peak energy hours on weekdays between 4 - 9 PM.  Click here to learn more about this program and enroll: Power Share - Clean Power Alliance

*GO EV BEVERLY HILLS!  Driving an electric vehicle provides benefits to the environment and lowers fuel costs.  Find information on installing an EV Charger here Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Stalls Get information on EV Tax incentives here

*GO ENERGY STORAGE BEVERLY HILLS!  As with solar PV, energy storage is incentivized through several mechanisms, including retail electricity tariffs that compensate a storage charge/discharge schedule that is advantageous to the grid, the State's Self-Generation Incentive Program, and Federal tax credits.

*GO SOLAR BEVERLY HILLS! Going solar reduces energy costs, guards against rising power costs, provides an environment-friendly and renewable energy source. Recent self-reported costs to install solar PV in LA County homes are about $5 per watt (AC) (Energy Solutions 2023), or about $35,000 for a 7 kW system.  Solar PV installations are incentivized through several mechanisms, including retail electricity tariffs that pay customers for excess generation exported to the grid, the State's Self-Generation Incentive Program, and Federal tax credits.  Click below to find ways to help you go solar.

*Information on permitting for Solar, Electric Vehicle Chargers, and Battery Storage   


 ***The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) adopted Decision No. 23-11-068 on November 16, 2023, which reduces the incentive structure for multifamily buildings with solar installed. Existing Virtual Net Energy Metering (VNEM) customers will stay on the old VNEM, however, for new VNEM applicants, the CPUC set a sunset date of 90 days, which implies sunset on February 14, 2024. Multifamily properties must submit a completed interconnection application to Southern California Edison by that date in order to capture the old VNEM. Otherwise, they will have to be on the new VNEM. See pp. 252-253 of the CPUC's decision here:





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