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Construction Update

Weekly Update 11/24/23

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Wilshire/La Cienega Station

Wilshire Blvd. Restoration

South appendage construction was completed on October 14, 2023. On October 15, 2023, Metro/STS moved the K-rail barricades to the north side of Wilshire Blvd., and have commenced restoration of the sidewalk, curb and gutter, and completion of station plaza improvements. This phase is anticipated to complete by April 2024. Subsequent phases will involve completion of the south side of Wilshire Blvd., and the electrical room access hatch on Wilshire Blvd., near Tower Dr. A final street resurfacing phase, anticipated to occur in early 2025, will fully restore Wilshire Blvd. between Stanley Rd. and San Vicente Blvd.

During this current phase, Wilshire Blvd. is reduced to two lanes in each direction between San Vicente Blvd. and La Cienega Blvd. Left turns are restricted from Wilshire Blvd. onto Gale Dr., Hamilton Dr., and Tower Dr., as well as from Hamilton Dr. and Tower Dr. onto Wilshire Blvd. There are impacts to sidewalks and crosswalks along the north side of Wilshire Blvd. between La Cienega Blvd. and San Vicente Blvd. Detours are in place directing pedestrians around the work zone. The south side of Wilshire Blvd. has been temporarily restored and is available for pedestrian travel between La Cienega Blvd. and San Vicente Blvd.

Additional information can be found in Metro's latest construction notice for the appendage work.

Utility restorations

The contractor has commenced restoring sewer lines within the station box. As part of sewer restoration, the contractor will need to make connections to existing sewer manholes outside the station box. This may necessitate full closures of side streets including N. Hamilton Dr., S. Hamilton Dr., and N. Gale Dr. All driveway access will be maintained. Restoration of storm drain structures and piping is also ongoing. Water line installation is anticipated to commence in late November 2023 or soon thereafter.

Restoration of conduits for street lights, fiber optic cables, traffic signals and electrical outlets at tree wells and irrigation lines will occur as part of the street restoration process that is anticipated to commence in December 2023. Metro and their contractor are also working on incorporating the City’s streetscape standard as part of the sidewalk restoration work. 

Wilshire Blvd. to be reduced to one westbound and two lanes eastbound on weekdays.

The contractor may be working on different sections on the north side of Wilshire Blvd. between San Vicente and La Cienega Blvd. This work will require Wilshire Blvd. to be reduced to one lane westbound from San Vicente Blvd. to La Cienega Blvd. from 9 am to 4 pm and/or 8 pm to 7 am on weekdays to allow delivery of material and equipment for street and sidewalk restoration. Left turns will be restricted in all directions at the intersection of Wilshire Blvd. and Hamilton Dr., Wilshire Blvd. and Gale Dr., and Wilshire Blvd. and Tower Dr. On occasion, the contractor may also perform "soft" closures of N. or S. Hamilton Dr. and N. or S. Gale Dr. to allow for restoration of Wilshire Blvd. "Soft" closures of N. Hamilton Dr. will be restricted to the hours between 8 pm and 7 am or weekends only. Metro will be conducting ongoing outreach to inform the public about such closures.  

On November 28, the contractor may close one eastbound lane to allow repairs and maintenance on the traffic signal regulating eastbound traffic on Wilshire Blvd. However, they will not simultaneously close one westbound and one eastbound lane.   

The final connection into SCE's vault on S. Hamilton Dr. has been completed. SCE is anticipated to pull conductor cables that will provide power to the Metro Purple Line Extension project by the end of this year. 

Additional impacts anticipated near Wilshire Blvd.

Parking will be restricted on Wilshire Blvd. between La Cienega Blvd. and San Vicente Blvd.

Please use alternative routes and continue to respect construction barriers and detours for your safety.

Bus stops relocated on Wilshire Blvd.

Metro and the Antelope Valley Transit Authority have temporarily relocated the eastbound 20 and 720 bus stop, as well as the eastbound AVT 786 stop, in front of 8484 Wilshire Blvd. to Wilshire Blvd. and Willaman Dr. Metro has also added a westbound 720 stop at Wilshire Blvd. and Willaman Dr. The westbound bus stops for the 20 and 720 routes have been relocated outside of the project's construction zone. Please contact Metro for additional information on new bus stop locations.


Wilshire/Rodeo Station

Holiday Moratorium

Construction within the public right of way will not be permitted from November 23, 2023, until January 1, 2024. Cross passage work (CP-30) between Almont Dr. and La Peer Dr., due to field coordination with adjacent businesses, will be completed on November 27 and 28.

Appendage (Side Structures) Construction (on hold until January 2, 2024)

Appendages are underground rooms and passageways that house vital functions such as emergency exits, ventilation rooms, and utility rooms. Piling activities on S. Canon Dr. were completed on October 28, 2023. The contractor is currently restoring the sidewalks and the pavement on S. Canon Dr. A three month full closure of S. Canon Dr. at Wilshire Blvd. for decking, excavation, and construction of the appendage is expected to begin in early January 2024. 

Excavation work through the deck on S. Beverly Dr. appendage between Wilshire Blvd. and the alley south of Wilshire Blvd. is underway on weeknights. During this work, S. Beverly Dr. will be reduced to one lane in each direction between 8:15 pm and 7 am.  

Delivery of material and station construction underway.

The contractor will be receiving material deliveries into the future Station. This will include construction materials such as steel rebar, conduits, waterproofing material, formwork, and concrete. During the holiday moratorium, deliveries and concrete placements may continue to be performed from inside the staging yards. This work will also include removal of construction debris from under the deck, and other temporary concrete and steel structures used for the station's shoring support.  

Deliveries and haul away may occur from 9 am to 4 pm and 8:15 pm to 7 am Monday through Friday and some weekends. During the daytime hours, Wilshire Blvd. will be reduced to two lanes in each direction between El Camino Dr. and Crescent Dr. Overnight, however, Wilshire Blvd. may be reduced to one lane in each direction.   

Geotechnical instrumentation installation and Maintenance.

The contractor has completed the installation of instruments within and in the vicinity of the station box and along the tunnel alignment to monitor possible movement of the ground and utilities, as well as geological conditions during construction. Maintenance of these devices will be ongoing throughout construction and will require closures of traffic lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, and parking meters. Work hours on Wilshire Blvd. are from 7 am to 4 pm and 8 pm to 7 am on weekdays, and 8 am to 6 pm and 8 pm to 7 am at other locations. Repair/maintenance of instruments will continue to be performed during the holiday moratorium.

Ground improvement work along tunnel alignment is underway.

On May 26, 2022, the contractor started ground improvement work to prepare for the construction of cross passages along the tunnel alignment. Cross passages will allow passengers to move from one tunnel to another in the case of an emergency. In total, 14 cross passages will be built within the boundaries of Beverly Hills. Ground improvement work/dewatering wells at each of these locations have been completed, and an enclosure containing generators and equipment have been place at eleven locations until work under the roadway is complete. Weekday work hours on Wilshire Blvd. are 9 am - 4 pm, 8 am - 6 pm at other locations, and 8 am - 7 pm on the weekends, but all necessary sidewalk enclosures will be in place 24/7 until work at the location is complete. Locations can be seen in the map below. Short duration moving lane closures will be implemented at various locations on Spalding Dr. and Charleville Blvd., Lasky Dr. and Charleville Blvd., and on S. Moreno Dr., Robbins Dr., and Wilshire Blvd. for measurements of the water levels or maintenance of exiting dewatering wells. Repair/maintenance of dewatering wells and fueling of generators will continue to be performed during the holiday moratorium.

Rodeo Cross Passage Locations 11 Cross Passages E. Crescent


Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Progress Update

Section 1 Tunnel Boring Machines

A photo courtesy of LA Metro showing the TBMs before they were launched in Section 1. Similar machines are being used in Sections 2 and 3.

Section 1 Tunneling

Both TBMs (Elsie and Soyeon) have completed tunneling and have broken through the Wilshire/La Cienega Station. You can see photos of the breakthrough on Metro's blog, The Source.

Section 2  Tunneling

The tunnel boring machines (Harriet and Ruth) completed the tunnels between Century City and La Cienega Station. The next step is for the TBMs to be disassembled for removal. 

Final TBM Image 2023

Information and graphic were provided by LA Metro on February 1, 2023. The Section 2 TBMs have completed over 100% of their journey toward the La Cienega Station.

*Due to the dynamic nature of construction, all dates and times are subject to change.

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